ok – i just wrote for like 1/2 hour hit something and it disappeared.  Without draggin on, but wanting to get out my thoughts – here is a recap:

–  Started ringing people up at starbucks today. during my break gotta tall vanilla frap, NEVER had one before.  Went outside to call kaza and heard her order one then we laughed because neither one of us had ever had one before.  We love us

–  She’ll be here in 2 days, less than that.  35 hours.  The bummer part is I don’t think I can go back with her. I’m trying!!!! I don’t have the mula, my parents don’t have it, they’re helping me enough as it is.  Flying out of SLO is around $370+, flying from Long beach $250+ and flying from LAX $220+  That sounds great and all but my car would be where???…..and….gas money? So if I “could” go why not just fly out of SLOville. wah wah wah. 

–  The Karate Kid is on, I haven’t seen it in a LONG time.  You know it was released in 1984.  How old do YOU feel (NOTHING FROM YOU KAZA I MEAN IT!!!!!)  I feel old.

–  Plantboy may or may not come out this weekend to visit.  I know some people want to meet him to put a name with a face, I know he wants to meet my friends – best part is he doesn’t really know anyones names he says “nahnnah” and “kaza” and “smurf” and “brighteyes” it’s awesome (like a hotdog………thank you eddie izzard)

–  Sometime soon, while kaza is in town we will be having a viewing of Eddie Izzard at Camelot.  If you live there – I asked Brighteyes, kinda volunteered your house actually………..so! hope it’s ok – if not, we’ll find another way!!!! BUT WE MUST DO THE VIEWING WHILE SHE IS IN TOWN 

–  My brother Rik’s baseball team is going to state – how cool is that?

–  I’m still fat, the gym hates me sometimes.  My stupid knee, my dumb ankle and now my back – the year for injuries.  I’m sure my “fatness” has something to do with my eating habbits.  I dont’ eat junk, but I know I’m not getting enough water or veggies. Dadda always has chicken and tuna around and red meat and potatoes and THE rice…..kind of a take on Vicki’s rice, but a la Mersai.  He’s made it all my life, and once you taste it you can’t NOT have it if it’s available to you. 

–  I’m tired now and will go to sleep, helping clean Michael clean his house tomorrow.

ps. Plantboy gave me this link to use “Semagic” to update my lj – so this is kind of a test.  1, 2……3

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  1. Eddie Izzard is hilarious!
    And what is this special Mersai rice recipe?!?

  2. you WILL come back with me
    oh yes. you will.
    so much to say. so much to comment. maybe i’ll just save it for our date TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!
    asdjklhfowieuoq1i2u198098J!3190237JdLKH9872461N21!1!Dsdlkjfoifjowe@#&(*^%4mnlajfkjI@#*(&98fjaj and ljoiufe8u v so therefore dkfjwioeurow!

  3. You know….
    You have TWO places to stay and we will feed you as much as we can…so ther is no issue there. I finally lopst the weight i put on in Cali plus a pound or two….but I don’t really eat and I run around with heavy trays for 10 hours a day…I ate cheese ravioli today though…*groan*
    Miss you much and if I can I will send money to help get you here….but I don’t know how much help I can be….love you

  4. Sorry…
    For saying “cali”…I meant California….I just saw a centipede in my room!!! GROSS!!!!!!…only 8 more days…

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