John in July

First…..”right now, everything you want is wrong” is from a beautiful song called “honey and the moon by Joseph Arthur” I don’t know any more of his songs, just that one – and it’s very pretty and cute and he has a cool voice. Kinda sounds like the Jars of Clay guys.

I’m a little tired from the trip and the troubles before the big day (John Concert!!!!) BUT I will throw in here as much as I can with the energy I have left.

So, I’m in my room friday night, laundry’s going, I’m gettin’ ready to go to BrightEyes house for the John weekend. I bend down to pick a piece of paper, go to put it in the garbage – but OH NO, can’t get back up. I don’t know how many of you remember when I pulled my back a couple years ago during Sweet Charity – but it was like that. I couldn’t stand up. I stayed hunched over on my floor curled up not able to breathe right away. Took a few minutes then was able to get to my bed. Laying down I called out to Ben and he brought me an ice pack. FREAKING OUT. I WILL NOT MISS JOHN!!!!!!!!!! WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t care what kind of pain I had to endure, it would be worth it. Call B.E, Call Daaannnaa, call michael. Change of plans – not staying at Camelot, staying at home to alternate ice pack, and heating pad Michael brought over, and tossed back about 800 mg of Ibuprofen. I was able to barely turn over to have michael change the ice pack to the heating pad, but eventually was sorta standing and able to go PEE! Which was nice, since I had been needing to go. Michael made me something to eat and grabbed my clothes out of the dryer and I started packing. He got mad when I was moving around too much (I know kaza….I wasn’t supposed to do anything!!! but I NEEDED to pack) so Michael asked if he could help, “no” that was a lie. But I’m not going to show my weaknesses!!!!!! So I finished packing – kinda, and Michael tucked me in and left at about 1:30am. I was still awake till about 2 or 2:30am Woke up at 6am, just uncomfortable and tired but unable to sleep. Dadda was walking by at the same time I woke up and asked how I was doing. ok – but not great. He said coffee was ready if I wanted any. ok – but I just lay there and tried to sleep more. The landscapers were ready to go by 8am, so I heard the lawnmower go off and I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping anymore. So I got up, kind of able to move, lil bit better than the night before – but not great. The girls would be there by 9:30ish, so I finished gettin’ stuff together and layed down til they did. The we loaded up, dadda told me to take an ice pack for the hotel, B.E reminded me too, and the heating pad thing. First stop was McD’s for breakfast then on the road.

Got to LAXBR – that’s the Embassy Suites in Brea by about 1:30. Then I had to lay down more, ice pack in freezer, heating pad ready to go. We watched Look who’s talking then the girls went to the mall across the way for food. I took a shower and layed down more. Bobby got there around 5:30, we left by 6:17pm – as hoped!!!
(That’s me and John’s anniversary. lol)Popped some pain killers and we were on our way.

The Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine. The Line up? DJ Logic, Maroon 5, and John Mayer. But first to the bathroom to pee then over to the Star 98.7 stage. They took like 4 to 6 people/teams to the stage and were going to test their John Mayer skills. They play a song, 1 person sings along, and whoever does the best won stuff. My biggest fan of the evening, Daaannnaaaa yelled for me so much I got up there and claimed the leopard print couch all to myself. Then it was who wants to go first…I DO…or I WILL came out of my mind. The guy said he’d play a random John Mayer song and I’d have to sing along and then they’d stop playing it and I’d have to go on by myself. Piece of cake. Music please. “aaahhhhh – 83. From Room for squares, not the original release, not the black CD – the RE-release with the orange squares” then I started singing it, boppin around and he turned it down and I did fine. Next person, then the next and next. Then the winner is???………number 1. Aiyani!!!!!!! (was there really ever a doubt in ANYONE’s mind??? lol) So I got a free “The Grid” shirt, guess it’s on TNT I’m told and a free Star Lounge CD from 2002. FabU. I like winning things, I like being the BEST, I liked that couch……..I like free stuff!!! yes sir, I’ll take a small slice of humble pie – thank you.

To the seats then. First balcony section behind the orchestra seating is…….Loge 6, row EE, seats 615, 616, 617, 618. OOOOOOOOOO, I sat in 617 – after all…….it’s our anniversary!!!!!!!!1111one – =) I sit and look out, I’m in the very middle of the stage. GUYPATTERSON!!!!! (that means “wonderful” btw) so I just can stare at him all night.

Maroon 5 takes the stage first, I dont’ know all their songs they sung, but they were cool. Yes they sung This Love, Harder to Breathe, and Beauty Queen – and some other ones.

oooooo – my back is achy…achey? meh.

Then JOHN. Blue jeans, burgundy shirt with horizontal thin stripes, 3 buttons by the top and a color, white undershirt. He’s beautiful up there. He’s 6’4″ and yummy, and talented, and talks to the crowd on a very “real” level. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. For anyone caring the line-up was:

Bigger Than My Body
No Such Thing
New Deep
Something’s Missing
Back To You
Split Screen Sadness
Your Body is a Wonderland
Come Back To Bed
Inner City Blues (with DJ Logic)
Why Georgia

Home Life (solo)
Neon (with David David David)

I looked at Daaannnaa and said “I want him to play clarity first. THEN HE DID and we stood up and screamed our heads off. After that he said “Are you ready” and I looked at her and said “Bigger than my body” and I was right. I have my ways of sometimes knowing these things………….No Such Thing is the song that brought me to him, so of course I wanted to hear it. New Deep had a speech intro about just letting things be….pretty much, and everyone needs to just do their thing and get to where they’re going their own way at their own pace. Hadn’t heard that one live – so it was fune! Somethings Missing was shorter than normal – but sweet. Wheel required audience participation of which Dana and I were more than happy to assist with. Back to you was great! Split Screen Sadness ….first time I heard that one live – loved it. Wonderland – of COURSE, Come back to bed and John’s amAzing way with the guitar had girls crying, reaching, swaying, and smiling. A challenge moment from the sax player and John occured. BRILLIANT. I LOVE it when he does stuff like that. The sax player would play something, anything, and John copied it exActly – I hated it, I loved it, it made me sick with joy and love for his guitar skills. Inner City Blues was new to “me” I know it’s someone elses song, I don’t remember who……sorry….but John didn’t have an instrument for the first 1/2, that was fun, you could tell he wasn’t all that used to waltzing about with no guitar but he held the mic “correctly (hi kevin) so we could hear him and he walked around the stage and we all loved it. He closed the Show with Why Georgia – YAY, just YAY. Mid song he stopped and thanked us all for coming out, told us how much he appreciated us etc. Then walked off – of COURSE we brought we back out and he sat and did an acoustic version of Home Life. I melted, I got chills, I almost cried. In the middle he looked in one of the camera’s projecting out to 3 different screens as a visual aid – and just sorta talked as if talking to the girlfriend or the wife. Something like, he has to go away for 5 more months, and he wants to apologize in advance for being an a**hole on the phone and for the phone cutting out at the back of the bus. But that he’d return because she’s his whole life, his home life – um………yah. Dana called me with it, and it came out not too bad considering, part of it actually sounds like he called me – OF COURSE I LOVE THAT. It puts me in my heaven on earth mode. Neon was acoustic by John and a lil electric from David Ryan Harris – fun. And the show closed with the whole cast and crew playing 83. The guy who got me tickets last time in February was playing trumpet still, but Adam from the band I brought home had no luck getting a hold of him for backstage hook-ups or anything. So we left, I got a Tour Shirt, a Home Life shirt, and a John Mayer bag. Not like my purse Kevin, like a….a small gym bag or something – like a small laundry bag. It’s cute it’s fun, it’s John stuff.

I only text a couple people, I only called a couple people – I don’t really do the whole call someone during a concert, I dont’ wanna miss anything!!!!!!

To the hotel, then to TGIFridays for a late drink with the girls and we retired for the evening by about 2am. Woke up around 9:30am, had breakfast, went and sat in the hottub, then swam in the pool a bit. BEAUTIFUL day in Brea and the pool felt great. Then the drive home and I unpacked and ate dinner, dadda BBQ’d. LOVE THAT. And now I have to return to my normal boring life. I train more tomorrow for Starbucks, I was told to go in whenever I want, I think I’ll go in early enough to be done in time for the Riksters game.


Kaza – see you in 5 Days!!!!!!!!, still dont’ know how i’m gettin out to NY with you, but we’re thinking happy positive thoughts!!!!!!!!
PB – how was the weekend with the uncle on the boat? Joo wear sunscreen? Joo burndeded????
B.E – Thanks for playing
Daaannna – Thanks for playing and driving
Mentor – thanks for the hotel room

John – Marry Me.

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