Right Now, everything you want is wrong

John in July in T-2 days 18 1/2 hours…….I tend to write in here in the middle of the night. I was exhausted earlier. Slept for like an hour when I got home, got up for water and haven’t gone back to sleep. I think I just have stuff on my mind….so here goes

Kaza comes home in 10 days, yay! YOUR SPARE CHANGE IS NEEDED TO SEND ME TO GO BACK WITH HER FOR A WEEK. PG found a couple deals, both around $350 for a round trip ticket leaving from SLOville.

ps. kaza – we have to see Sapphire Moon and Sweeney Todd while your here

Plantboy may come and visit, come to skarieokie and stuff. That means everyone has to go to Sunset so he CAN meet everyone. More on that as it comes in.

Sapphire Moon Revisited opens next thurs 7/22, plays for 2 weeks. Thurs night, Fri night and Sat night

Relay-for-Life fundraiser/event/silent auction/BBQ/Car wash THING is Sunday July 25, 2004. Come by Sunset Dunes, tell your friends, email your ENTIRE address book, tell everyone at work. go GO GGGOOOOOOOO!!!!

I want Lemon Chicken.

There are heroes, and enemies. Who are you? Can you be both? Do you wake up one day as a hero, and fall asleep as an enemy? Which would you rather be in a certain situation? This can go back to the mini talk about “Wicked” and who is REALLY wicked and stuff. I don’t know -go with it, it’s what’s on my mind right now. There are people in my life that I feel save it, sometimes they are heroes – sometimes they are enemies……..but are they MY hero and MY enemy?

Interviewed today for a receptionist position at a property managemnt place, thing. It was “fleh” as mahroomah says. I probably could’ve walked away with it if I was willing to give up my acting and performind and stuff. They want someone who wants to grow in the company into a whatever. I said I don’t want to be in a field or industry that DOESN’T allow room to grow, but it doesn’t mean that field looks like a desk Mon-Fri 8am-5p. So there was that. Starbucks called me and wants to hire me so I’ll go in friday to the new one in AG and fill out paperwork and stuff. It’s money, it’s SOMETHING and right now i need SOMETHING. I don’t know, maybe Im’ too picky,but there are somethings I will not do, and somethings I will not give up just to make some extra dough. right now, Who I am is more important to me than what I do.

“This is the day” ; The The
“Liberation” ; Pet Shop boys
“This Love” ; Maroon 5
“Honey and the Moon” ; Joseph Arthur

Suprised its not John? yah…….me too.

Other Things:
My guitar
My wrists, and their CONSTANT popping
My left ankle that I rolled almost 2 weeks ago still hurts
My right knee STILL doesn’t let me do certain things – whatever. I hurt it in FEBRUARY

People I miss and haven’t seen for a while (other than mahroomah):
~ Shawn Jacques
~ Roger Rabbit
~ PG, haven’t seen her since I moved back, HI! – whatever….that’s a lie, she came closing night of Angry Housewives…… but STILL
~ Cortney, Randy & Caleb!!!!!!

~ When someone says they “heart” you, what’s that mean? It’s different for different people isnt’ it? hhmmm……
~ How do YOU feel about nicknames typically used in a relationship? Like Honey, or baby, …stuff like that
~ When will I sleep an entire night through without waking up thinking about my life, the men in it, where I am, how I got here, and how i’ll get out?
~ What are you willing to do for someone you love?; You willing to give up something, or someone in exchange for this love?; or even give up something small to “prove” it?

And that’s all I got, maybe now I’ll sleep soundly and securely.

12 points to whomever figures out where the lyrics from the subject line come from

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  1. Okay, my guess is Van Halen’s “right now” but that’s pretty wild-ass.
    Ref your NY trip – do you take paypal? It’s the only way I can donate all the way from Iraq.

  2. Pretty Deep
    So- I have been an enemy—and have had enemies-but I dont know about the Hero thing—there are 2 many ways to be a hero and I think that you just end up being one when you least expect it—now as to enemies you can choose that in most cases, so choose wisly…. good luck with the job thing…. Starbucks has good bennies and great coffee but I dont know how much fun it would be….but its money….

  3. 21 Questions
    Okay well its really just your 4 questions, but here it goes:
    ~ Never had somebody use that one on me…other than “I really have a heart-on for you” HAHAHHAHAAAAAAA- sorry.
    ~ I think a significant other’s nickname becomes as important as their real name. I feel like I can’t call Jim “Jim” because he is so much more to me than Just Jim (wink and nod). His real name feels too impersonal, if that doesn’t sound too bizarre. “James” is waaaay to formal, “Fletch” is what his buddies call him, and I can’t call him Jimmy because that’s his Mom’s name for him. He’s my baby, so that’s what I call him. I’m also getting to like his other nickname, “Staff Sargeant Hot Stuff” too. ;P
    ~ Never. Sorry.
    ~ Love should not ask you to give something up; if you feel that it is the right thing to do (for yourself first and foremost), then do it. But don’t give something up in the expectation that Love will reciprocate with more Love or with something to replace that which you’ve given up. Keeping Love strong and healthy does require some measure of compromise, but in the sense of “Okay I won’t buy those $400 Ferragamos if you pass on the 1,000-inch flat screen digital TV.” You know, the practical stuff. Love is being appreciated for EXACTLY who and what you are, even if it’s not so perfect sometimes (but we KNOW we are perfect so WTF?!? ha ha j/k).
    BTW, I think you would look extremely cute in the Starbucky’s apron. “Can I have my half-caf latte with a dash of Princess please?” Thank you!

  4. it’s like a little clue…
    for example …a SHOE… in the goo…
    thank you 12 points and thank you sapphire sweeney.
    can i ever tell you enough how much ilahyah?

  5. wait…
    now i doubt my guess as i re-read your title after i so presupmtously clicked *post comment*.
    but it was my initial reaction and i’m stickin’ to it.
    again i say FLEH

  6. music…..paypal….heros……
    Sunday will probably have some karaoke going on as part of the fund raiser……if anyone wants to send Yani Paypal I have an account and will gladly see that the money gets to her…….Heros? thats way easy….two words……FRIED RICE

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