what what what? oh – nothing.

Welcome to July, the birthdays I have are:
7/4 Christian Moore
7/11 Caleb (Randy n Cortney’s)
7/13 Mentor’s 1/2 birthday though =)
7/18 Bobby Macik (bobby from Ohio)
7/20 Mahroomah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7/20 Michael
7/21 Step-Brandon
7/22 Colin
7/25 My cousin Jorelle
Did I miss you??? let me know!

And yes, welcome welcome welcome Mr. Loke – the Jimster, the Jimanator, or…….Just Jim (wink and nod) tacsec75 and if you don’t add me as your friend i can’t post comments, SO get with the program have a great day.

Peach (my computer) was being a bit sassy this day, well last night too and I stayed up til 2am trying to figure out why she wouldn’t connect to the intrenetty. Call up the wonderful Shawn Jacques and within MINUTES it is fixed. No, I don’t know what he did or said, or what he walked me through – but it worked and that’s all that matters. Twill be a great day

Phone is up and running, no phone numbers were transferred SO call me text me email me yours so I can plug it in-plug it in! have a great day

John in T-5 days and 6 hours 40 minutes. No, I can’t wait – but I will.
Good dream about him last night – NOTHING DIRTY so knock it off!! hahaha

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  1. Mr. Loke – the Jimster, the Jimanator
    Hey thanks for the welcome. I feel right at home, Bad spelling poor typing and all. Have a great day- hey we are going out Thurs, if your up for it…..

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