The normal life

Yesterday I didn’t have to do ANYTHING I didn’t want to. Michael and I took his bike……(woah aiyani on a motorcycle)went to Hobees around 1:30pm, then to Best Buy, then Borders, then Starbucks, then just drove around a bit. Later went to the store and got food for dinner and made our way to Skariokie. It was a fabUfun day and I’m a pro going around turns now! I felt like singing “cool rider” from Grease 2……anyone?…..anyone?….bueler?…..bueler…….myfavoritesiter will know what I’m talking about.

Slow for a saturday night – I sang Forgivin’ by Alanis – I really want to sing other songs and I would if I even knew it a little bit, but I don’t really listen to anyone else accept John, Alanis, Sarah , and Madonna – dig Evanesance (sp? some days i can some days i can’t)but there’s like 2 people who can actually sing THAT well, hi….amy…IN Evanesense and nahnnah I mean I’ve tried, other girls skarieokie try, but none of us rock the house – and that’s not to offend it just you know, carry a tune – fine/fabulous. ROCK THE HOUSE??!!! Find Nahnnah. So that happened.

My mommie and I are supposed to look at phones for me this day after she gets home from church, hope she calls the house phone, as mine is………well being stupid. =)

I forgot to tell everyone I saw Spiderman 2, my review follows:

Princess’ review for

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  1. Eddie Izzard is My God/dess
    Fave Eddie quote (besides generous use of the word “bloody”): (pretend riding Vespa) “Ciao.” hahhahahhahahaaaaaaaaaa!!! I don’t know why, it just is. Thank you to Mr. McKinney for the intro to Eddie. Missed you guys this weekend, had apartment moving-cleaning to finish BLEAH. Didn’t hear about karaoke today, boo 😦 had to keep cleaning apartment anyways, super-boo. Skarieoke for shiz-ure (Miz-itchel Piz-ark hiz-a hiz-a!) on Saturday…Jim will play too!

  2. Lefty
    I always tried tp play left handed too….it was easier that way for me. I wanna medival!!!!
    Go to Staples and get transfers…print them on the computer and iron them on…love you!

  3. Same as above – I would buy transfers (make sure they’re high qaulity, otherwise the iron-on will suck and rip off real fast) at Staples and then scan photos in to the computer, tweak them a bunch, and then print them onto the iron on. Don’t forget to flip the image horizontally first, otherwise it comes out backward! (uh, yeah, I had to LEARN that…)

  4. Looks like Spider-Man 3 won’t be out until Summer 2007.
    Iron-ons work okay, but they wear out and peel off after several washings. Story time!
    For a dance I was doing for Variable Velocity we had a portion that was all guys, and then the guys left and it was all girls doing the exact choreography that the guys just did. Then we all come in and have a fun end to the dance. Anyway, two of the male dancers were guests from out of town, so they couldn’t be there while the dance was being crafted, and sometimes other dancers wouldn’t be able to show up, yadda yadda yadda.
    So, we came up with combination names for each couple (my partner’s name was Allison, so we were Mikali). Just for fun, I made teeshirts for everyone with their combination name so that it would be easier to remember who was with who when people were gone.
    End of story time.

  5. no ordinary boy is gonna do~
    you want a riiiiiiiider that’s cool.

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