What stupid celebrity are you destined to kill? by daydreamer8852
You killed
With a
On December 27, 2016
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All I can say…..Is “Right ON!!!” hahahahah…..”aaawwwww and so Close in Holidays and the New Year….what a shame”

Your love is… by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is…
Your kiss is… breath taking
Your hugs are… to die for
Your eyes… twinkle in the moonlight
Your touch is… irresistable
Your smell is… exotic
Your smile is… entrancing
Your love is… everlasting
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Uh…..again “Right ON!!!” hahahahaahah

What Makes You Sexy?
by dollface04
Physical Appearance Your Eyes
Special Talents Having Sex
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Uh……This is a “talent” I knew not of.  Can you call that a talent? Thought it would be like Kissing, or flirting, or swimming – you know something …”ing” not haveING” something……wow.  John Mayer should be excited about that one eh?  mmuuuahahahahahaahah

That’s it – nothing really to say or “report” oranything.  Kaza’s Children’s Educational Theatre group…thing is this Friday at 4pm at the Little Theatre….where Sapphire Moon was.  It’s going to be like a 30 minute production of Music Man.  Michael and I are going if anyone else wants to play.  Please do so. My eyes are still really tired, and I have a stuffy nose, and itchy water eyes, and I’ve been sneezing all day, and I have a bit of a sore throat.  Who wants to take care of me? Who wants to baby me?  ……hhmm…..no takers huh? well – “haveatchoo” hahahahaha that’s all. 


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  1. LOL
    haveatchoo! (bless you)

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