apparently, I have more to say to Brighteyes than anyone else. lol

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Humans think I dig the girlies.  What am I supposed to say to that????!!! hahahahahahaaha. Well, Brighteyes WAS my valentine for TWO years in a row now……

The weekend? Fun, Long, and ended a lil on the sicky side. Kaza and I went to the closing night of Sapphire Moon, we both sported dresses…..wwwooooooowwwwwww, princess in a dress???? go figure.  You guys did great.  I freaked out for a moment when Michael started playing his guitar offstage.  He knows I’m a sucker for that!!!! He uses it against me!!!! It was wonderful, and it was just for me so I felt very special.  He was playing right before he and Jason do the superhero song. ps – love that song, it’s hysterical and perfect.

Then it was to Sunset Dunes for skarieokie and the slumber party.  I sang, and I may forget some….but:

In his Eyes
Colors of the wind (Disney Version)
Godzilla (thank you kamikaze skariokie, and kevin for picking the song….and helping me with it!!!hahahaha)
Feelin Love (I learned in Sunday school…… not really…..but ….it’s….about – a husband and wife and a very committed and tame relationship, yah.)
I’m with You (at like 6am….woah)
Hungry Like the Wolf
Never Tear us Apart

No, I didn’t lose my voice – as some people say they do. BUT, I didnt’ screach or scream or anything.  I drank water and was feeling fine.  I was tired, by 7:45 when leaving Sunset Dunes.  But I had my voice.  I couldn’t stay for breakfast – the sound of it made me sick to my stomach.  I think I had too much coffee during the night.  I didn’t fall asleep once. NOT once.  I layed down – of course, but no sleep for me.  I got home at 8am, set my alarm for 10am (as I had to work at 11am) and passed out, I didnt’ feel very well when I went to sleep……and I didn’t feel good when I woke up at 10am either.  So I called in sick to work, as everyone thought I would – BUT I wasn’t lying when I did it, after that I went in my bathroom and just stayed there for a couple hours, slept on the floor and got up to use the toilet for various reasons……TMI???? Deal with it.  But I’ll change the subject as well. Brighteyes, Kevin, vicki and I were the last to leave – we WIN! (pick me pick me!)

Then, Michael came over after he was done working and we watched Alias and I did laundry, and the Rikster, Dadda, and Smurf came home. OOOOOHHHHHHH THE RIKSTER.  I just missed him so much.  He’s sooooo cute….. I can’t stand it.  I hugged and hugged him and kissed him til he just laughed at me and said I missed you too.  Does it get any cuter than that???? a;lfijaoweruja;fkja ;ljaower9ua

I’ve never watched ALIAS before.  Terry (dadda’s wife) has the first 2 seasons on DVD, so I’ve started at the beginning – it’s pretty cool.  I’m not addicted like Smallville or Friends where I will just stay up all night non-stop. BUT I will look forward to watching more episodes. Michael left about 10, I hopped online for a bit then passed out around 11, 11:15.

I went to Starbucks today from 7am – 12pm.  NOT BAD AT ALL……If I do say so myself.  Mr. Matt the Manager was nice AND helpful to me today, so was everyone else.  I was mainly on register, but I made some fraps.  I haven’t touched the espresso machine since I was introduced to it.  I’m sure it will be a bit of a process.  BUT, for all those who encourage me to quit – STOP IT.  It took me too long to get a job, and I need something that will be flexible and not ask so much of me.  It WILL get easier.  Encourage me THAT way.  I will, sure, keep my options open, and look about for things – but I really dont’ want to be at a desk that requires me as much.  I REALLY want to focus on the GYM and have the flexibility of saying I want or need certain days off.  Brighteyes – I DID send my resume to the Spyglass Inn for whats-the-position-we-discussed. It was wierd though sending it, so I hope they got it. BUT in all fairness, the benefits I can get from working with and staying with Starbucks are more than you think.  They really are.  I mean – I can transfer ANYWHERE.  (hello NY???, Hawaii? I DON”T KNOW……ANYWHERE!!!!!!) And then there’s management there too – so I’m just gonna chill out, and stay put for now.  FOR NOW. 

Now it’s a little after 1pm, and I’m HUNGRY and tired, I think I’ll eat, take a nap and tonight I’m going to the BodyCombat class tonight at the gym.  Time to get my ass in gear. It’s August. 

YOUR JOB AS MY FRIEND IS TO MAKE SURE I GO TO THE GYM.  My back is feeling like it can take it.  I was going between 4 and 6 days a week, and am now out of the habbit.  Sleep teases me, but just encourage me – and I’m sure in a few months I’ll look how I want.  I want to lose about 50 pounds/redistribute the weight.  I used to be strong, now I’m just chunky and whimpy.  NO DEALS. Brighteyes? Join PBAC, you and me and Loke will go all the time.  LOKE! you go with me now!!! or you know,…..when you can….hahahahahaah ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok


WAIT.  AND, Brighteyes said we can have a viewing of Eddie Izzard at Camelot maybe Sunday 8/8, or Monday 8/9.  Let me know what cha think. OH OH OH OH AND.

BrightEyes I’m sooooooooooooOOOOOOOOO sorry i missed saturday practice set up by the way. I TOTALLY FORGOT. I’m a loser and I suck.  Hi hi hi hi, MICHAEL reminded me, but it was too late sorry sorry sorry sorry.  He’s great huh? ANYWAYS.  I DID mark down “correctly” on the request days off calendar thing at Starbucks the days of the relay, and he KNOWS I mean business for that weekend.

ps.  mahroomah – i hope you are feeling better.  I was NOT mad when you left, My mind was somewhere else when you decided you needed to get home.  AND I told Mr. Matt Manager that I would not be going to NY in August but at the end of September – so there’s that.  He asked for how long, I said a week and he said that would work out great.  SO – i’m looking into THAT now.

ok, i’m REALLY going to go eat now.  Love you bye.

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  1. I’ve Done It!
    My name has been listed in the TITLE of a princess journal post. I’m famous. 🙂
    Hey, as long as Starbucks realizes the value of what they have in you, they can stay. If not, then no deals, they will have to deal with me, kevin, vicki, nahnnah, kaza, etc… and not neccessarly in that order ;-p
    Thank you PBAC, hopefully next month I will have the $$ for this, I really wanna be part of ‘da club.
    Tomorrow, tomorrow, its only a day away! We need to get passes at Albertson’s as soon as I get off work. I will think happy good karma thoughts about someone switching with you!
    Sounds like your manager is starting to realize he needs to treat you good, hopefully he won’t forget!
    Don’t know about the spyglass thing, I can’t even get them to pay me the money they have owed me since MAY, hence, I stay home tonight, broke with my $5 in quarters for Tuedays fair ticket.
    I’ll just see Weird Al next year, or at another venue.
    Oh well.
    We should figure out Izzard night soon so I can get permission from the rest of the housemates. 🙂
    See you tomorrow!!

    • Re: I’ve Done It!
      Damm… i totally spaced the fact that tonight was wierd al….
      Damm Damm Damm damm…
      Oh, and i work till 7pm, (maybe later) on wednesday….

      • Re: I’ve Done It!
        Hey James,
        Relay money is due Wednesday night, as in registration money and your signature on the registration form. I sent an e-mail out asking a few days ago asking everyone who had conflicts to coordinate with me before Wednesday if they would not be at the meeting at 7. I will be at work all day tomorrow and then drive straight to Paso. You should call Marcy and arrange to get your stuff to her and sign the team membership form.
        Please let me know if you don’t do this, as it will affect our paperwork that is due before 8pm on Wednesday to the ACS people.

      • Re: I’ve Done It!
        I just got added on to the schedule at my new job today….
        thats why i didnt get a chance to say anything before.
        but i will send marcy an email and see what i can do tomorrow…

      • Re: I’ve Done It!
        Marcy does not check her e-mail very often. She no longer has access at work or at home. Better call her 😉
        Good luck with your new job!!!!

      • Re: I’ve Done It!
        tonight isn’t weird Al, Tuesday night is. and it’s a free concert, so Amelia, you WILL Be able to go, and have a good time, cause I would be there if Charity didn’t request the day off at the last minute. But, at lesst I get to bartend on my own for the first time. oh, and I work til, 7p maybe, on wed, but will be up asap after work.

      • Re: I’ve Done It!
        hehe. Nope. Weird Al was Monday and was free with fair admission, GooGoo Dolls was Tuesday, and was my ticket that I bought last spring plus fair admission (thank you Princess!). Goo Goo Dolls was great, we were SO close. Those pictures better turn out, hi, pictures from 2 feet away!

  2. i’ll have you know …
    that i called you after only reading the part about you getting sick, TOO and didn’t even bother going on until i talked to you and knew that you were better. thanks for the shout out, i was wondering if you were ok and if i had read your whole entry, i would’ve figured that out. but i called you anyway cuz i hadn’t talked to you in 2 days and that’s NOT ok.
    thank you, september. you’ll be out there in time for some auditions… *eyebrows raise, nodding emphatically*… let’s give her a shot, shall we?
    your job WILL get easier and with your brains and responsibility, you’ll be running that joint. i know lots of people who work at starbuck’s and they say it’s a GREAT company with lots of room for growth as well as benefits. so STICK WITH IT. and stick with your drive for the gym. be gentle on your back and your knee. start off slow and wake all your muscles up so you don’t over-do it. now that you’re working, you’re gonna get yourself on a SCHEDULE and you’re gonna feel so much more in control of yourself and your life. you can and ARE doing it. you look so good with blonde hair and black roots, it’s not even funny.

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