Today was Fun at Starbucks.  That’s right folks. FUN.  Neither the manager or my trainer was there – don’t know if that had anything to do with it, but I was not as stressed with the people I was working with today.  I had fun.  So there ya have it.  And today I tried a Grande Soy no Water Chai.  Pretty yummy.  Thanks. However Matt, then manager scheduled me for the day I’m going to the Fair and seeing the Goo Goo Dolls……no deals.  I put it on the unavailable thing – have to remedy that.  I WILL NOT MISS the concert. That’s not nice.

The Riksters team lost today…….. BIG FROWN.  But they did place third in the State – VERY impressive.  Can you see a bunch of 11 year old boys in baseball uniforms with long faces, some with tears.  Doesn’t it just break your heart?????  A moment please……………Thank you.

Going back to NY with Kaza is a No-Go.  I will try for September, I’ll beable to save up since I have a job now.  Will take some SERIOUS saving – but she’s worth it. Ro and Matt will be there by then too, so I’ll beable to play with Kaza, Ro N Matty, and Nahnnah.  Hopefully I’ll get to see WICKED and AVENUE Q.  I know those are the most important ones right now to view. 

We need to have a viewing of EDDIE IZZARD soon.  Camelot has agreed to hold the viewing, well I volunteered it, THEN asked Brighteyes and she said ok…..I did it backwards – sorry!! hahahaha ANYWAYS.  It will have to be a weekday…night.  Ideas? anyone even care? anyone else gonna go besides me, BE, Kaza, and michael? YOU SHOULD.  Even if you’ve seen it before. LOKE THAT MEANS YOU.  I say we bring our own drinkies and munchies and blankies to curl up all over the floor around the TV and have a fabU night.  Nights this coming week that I can play are:

Monday night 8/2
Friday night 8/6

After that – it’s up in the air. I’m hungry, and apparently always am when I write in this.  Cause I DON”T EAT DURING THE DAY, I don’t know why. I want panda though – and if I had mula, I’d go get it!!!! RAWR.

k bye.

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  1. i choose michelle
    monday night works best for me meaning friday night doesn’t
    you WILL be there in september…it’s onlyyyyy a month awaaaaaay besides, i’m HERE for half of august anyway! yay!

  2. No Deals!
    Thats it. If they don’t let you have Tuesday off I’m never shopping at Starbucks again. How rotten are they, so far they have scheduled you on all the days off that you asked for. May karma bite them in the ass.
    Okay. Done venting. Can’t do Monday night at Camelot, all of camelot is going to see Weird Al at the fair. Maybe the following Monday? Or Sunday? 8/8, 8/9 ??
    Weird Al is a free concert. Everyone should go with us. I plan to get there early afternoon for front row seats. This would be more fun if I had company!
    See you tomorrow!!

  3. Pete…
    Thinks you on all that caffeine at Starbucks must be funny…I told him I’ve seen it, and yes, it can be funny!
    Just remember…when you come in September…NOT TO COME THE WEEK OF THE 11TH!!!!!!!! I have to be in Philly!!! But I can’t wait to see you! And you can always crash at our place and eat our food….love you

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