One flight down

Birthdays in September:
9/4  Sweetpea
9/13  Bridget Devaney
9/17  Bad Anne
9/17  Donna Jones Sellars
9/21  Twin (Tina in Arcadia)
9/23  Brittany Halbur
9/25  Matt Lowery

Today went rather well.  And I have a new favorite drink.  For a few weeks I’ve been hooked on an Iced Venti 3 Pump white mocha, with 3 pumps of carmel syrup….this automatically comes with 3 shots of espresso.  And it’s been devine.  Today? This week?  The Carmel Cream Frappucino Affogato. Affogato meaning to float, as in a shot over the top of the drink.  Quite good, sweet, a dessert in a cup.  Kitten came in too (Jen Law) and Brighteyes.  Little confusion on your drink there B.E.  Sorry about that.  and After you left I realized what you were looking for. So NEXT time say you want an iced grande White Peppermint, and after they build it ask them to blend it.  The Frappucino’s don’t have espresso in them. However, the frap’s are like the most caffinated beverages we sell because they are made with double strength coffee IN the mix. BUT, yah – next “iced (insert size here) White Mocha with Peppermint THEN ask them to blend it.” sorry for the silliness.

I only got 4 hours of sleep last night.  I just wasn’t tired, it was wierd.  And I woke up, the normal amount of tired, but was just fine as soon as I got to sporting the green apron. 

Today I spoke briefly with someone I haven’t spoken to in awhile.  It was wierd when I heard his voice, I didn’ really know what to do or say.  So I said “hi” and he said hi like he knew it was me. Then I think I said “how are you” and he said Ok. and I told him I needed to talk to him this week and he said ok.  then there was this pause and I said – ok get back to work and I’ll talk to you later…?  and he said ok, talk to you later and bye.  I kind of wanted to cry, but I needed to get back to s.t.g.a.

Cynthia from Cavaleri called me last night at 10:45 telling me she had an audition for me tomorrow at 12pm.  I was like, um…..that’s not enough time to get my shift at work covered, and she just said ok – I’ll cancel it.  I know she doesn’t really get money unless i’m working, and I really hate missing auditions – but come on…..10:45 at NIGHT,,,….the NIGHT BEFORE my audition?  13 hours.  If I lived closer this would all be easier to deal with – but it’ just not.  All it does is remind me that I’m a failure and had to move back here and live with my dadda cause I can’t afford to live away from home, and it reminds me I’m poor, and fat and unsuccessful in my so called career-choice.

I’m supposed to have rehearsal for “the importance of pretending to be 18 with big knockers” and have NO idea where it is.  Called the director at like 3pm, and no call back yet.  If he doesn’t call soon, or at least by 6:30 – I’m not going.  I could at least LOOK at the script but it just makes me roll my eyes and hate that I agreed to do it at all.

I texted kaza last night, I think I’m going to get rid of some shoes.  I know I dont’ wear all of them.  and haven’t worn some of them for over a year – that is a clear sign that I don’t “need” them. 

I wish I could play songs like norah or sarah on my piano.  I wish I was creative, I wish I was more fit…..a work in progress – I know, but I want relults in ONE day.  I wish people wouldn’t over react, I wish for something very positve to happen to raise my spirits and have something good to look at or forward to

and now…….for food.

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  1. *sniff….
    ….9/25 Me
    ….haven’t decided whether to be celebrating it or tearing my hair out that I will be 28…hmmmmmmm
    BTW new class at PBAC if you haven’t heard/done it….BodyFlow, very fun, yoga and pilates kinda smushed together with awesome music and fake candles. Next one’s on Sat. at 10:45, but they have ’em all week – there’s a new schedule to kick in 9/13…okay done with PBAC commercial. See you soon…Also BTW I think you look like a GODDESS…I think you need your own island to rule and be worshiped by your loyal subjects (am thinking of Wonder Woman when she is home on her secret island…togas are fun!)!!!!

  2. Must agree with Loke.
    Oh and I got my magic wand back from Neverland Repairs. Took forever, but then, forever is an awfully long time. As soon as I’m able, I will go into Starbucks and grant your wishes. Although, from where I stand, a few of them have already come true…hmmm….have you been seeing a fairy godmother behind my back?! You’re already creative, gorgeous and if you want something positive to look at, look in the mirror chick. Not to get all worshippy or anything, but *I* totally think you’re awesome and aspire to be more like you.
    Oh and 9/13 – me, 29. Wanna get depressed? How about realizing this is your last year in your 20’s. 😛

  3. and yet another…
    9/14 another one of *our* nieces….vivien jean devaney

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