and I miss John

This last weekend was CRAZY.  Husband got into town around 6:30pm/7pm and hung out at my dadda’s house til I got done sporting the green apron.  I got home around 10:10pm.  We caught up on his drive and small things while I got ready for Skarieokie at the dunes.We got there around 11pm, so did Ro and Matty and Dave and Alice and Steve.  They used to all be roommates.  BUT it was fun hanging out and I got to drink!!! I got drunk and it was fun, it’s been awhile since I’ve had more then 1 or 2 drinks.  Michael took care of both Antoan and I.  We went to the new Mc’D’s by the outlet center where they RIGHTEOUSLY screwed up our orders.  You’d think that since we were the ONLY people there they would’ve got it.  I mean – there was NO ONE ELSE AROUND you’d think a double cheeseburger ketsup only wouldn’t be too difficult. but alas – it was.  DOH!

Sunday Husband woke me up to take off to my storage unit in Nipomo where his stuff was and we loaded up his truck and he left back to Utah and I went home and tried to sleep a little bit more.  Then after a long day shift sporting the green apon (s.t.g.a) I went up to Atascadero to Dave N Alice’s NEW house with amazing furninture and a crazy life size television.  it’s funny to see someone bigger than you on the television.  I ate, we drank we talked, we played board games and other games, truth or dare – and at 6:12am, we went to sleep.  Woke up at 10:30am ish, and i gotta tell ya at that point, I think I was still drunk.  Dropped off Ro and Matty in SLO and came home to try to sleep more. But NO – of course I couldn’t sleep.  Kids were yelling and playing, someone’s cutting the lawns and playing music WAY too loud – and not good music (not “my” kind of good music”) and parents yelling at the kids for yelling, so I slept like 1 more hour.  Then off to s.t.g.a from 4p-9p then home and hang out with Michael for a bit, then sleep. Sleep as long as I could.  Slept about 10 hours then s.t.g.a at 11:30am – 4:30pm today.  Now I’m home, feeling ok, lil hungry.  Not sure what I’m hungry for though.  Think I want a sandwich from Grand Deli……oooooooooo….MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm

I disappointed someone I care very much about last week.  And contrary to popular opinion I’m not talking about kaza, though we’ve both had a pretty ugly time since she left last month.  Just misunderstandings, and being mean, me mostly but BESIDES that……….. 

Someone ELSE I care very much for, got very upset/disappointed in me.  Almost unable to talk to me, infact hasn’t in 3 days.  Not like him at all. Kinda makes me sad.  You know when someone says that your words are not a guarantee anymore, or they don’t know you anymore.  That’s sad.  It made me cry.  And if you’re reading this, I miss you and I love you still and I hope things get back to normal soon.  Because a one time hiccup in my life, does not need to be a permanent problem in ours.  I hope we talk soon.

What else?

The Importance of being Earnest….or The importance of playing an 18 year old with huge knockers is the title this week.  Found out the guy playing opposite me will turn 18 next week, but is also only available one weekend of the run.  So the director apparently will take over the second week.  Shorter than me – spikey hair/half bald look.  I gotta tell ya, the “almost bald” look, i’m not really into.  Choose one, you know?  I don’t mean that in a mean way – it just LOOKS REALLY WIERD. It’s all spikey on the top, like he tries to style it that way and it’s simply, wierd. And some of the dialogue that *I* use is about his “long curly” whatever flowy hair.  And it’s just wierd.  To me playing opposite this guy Larry is wierder than playing off the almost 18 year old I used to babysit.  I dont’ know why, it just it.  I’m not looking forward to this play, I dont’ know why I said I’d do it, and no one is invited.  Kaza?, member when we’d say “8 more shows!!” in countdown action for Crazy for you? it’s like that but WORSE, because I dont’ get to dance, or sing, or play with you.  I just don’t like it.  Again – no on is invited.  We’re throwing this together in 6 weeks?  I got my script last week and should be off book by the end of the month.  And I don’t feel motivated at ALL to even pick it up and try.  Hateration. 

This new girl at work talks too much.  She apparently worked with a green apron before, but she either didn’t stay with it long, or it’s been awhile since she worked with them.  She just talks TOO much, and she kept trying to ring under my number – and BIG no no. BIG NO NO.  bad bad bad, then she was constantly standing in the way and grabbing the wrong cups and writing things out on the cup cause she didnt’ know the codes.  K……when I didnt’ know I stayed OUT OF THE WAY.  Which is what I wanted to keep saying.  “just get out of the way” it’s one thing to ask about how to make the drink, or “what’s the code for Mocha Frappucino” but don’t write out ….on a HOT CUP, then start steaming mile.  FRAPPUCINO is the BLENDED ONE.  hello??? And don’t volunteer add in’s or changes to the drink.  If someone says “I’d like a grande vanilla latte” that’s what they want.  Don’t ask back “what kind of milk? ….how many shots do you want in it?  Hot or cold?”  People know what they want, if they don’t THEY WILL ASK YOU!!!! I was getting SOOOOO frustrated and she wouldn’t stop her yap.  k – there’s that.

Dadda’s cookin som’m and it smells devine, I shall go see what it is, then see when it will be ready.

for those of you who are slightly lost on the title.  I need to listen to MORE John Mayer, and I need to see him again.  having terrible withdrawls.

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  1. Hi
    just wanted you to know you were the best part of my day today! I don’t see enough of you, almost all my fault last week with my crazy work schedule. You need more John and I need copies of John. Hmmmm…. sounds like a plan 🙂

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