“googlybear” is a nickname for Mike Wasowski, not James P Sullivan. just fyi

And here I was thinking I’d be destined for something like Charlies Angels or Titanic or Moulin Rouge.

Which movie? by travel_crazy
Favourite colour BlueRedPinkWhitePurpleBlackYellowGreenOrangeBrownGrey
You belong in
And your co-star should be giantlaser
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Dude Tyler – I’m gonna kick your ass!!!!

Which movie? by travel_crazy
Favourite colour BlueRedPinkWhitePurpleBlackYellowGreenOrangeBrownGrey
You belong in
And your co-star should be drrrtydancer
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Loke, CLEARLY we’re supposed to be very thin blondes, and is one of us supposed to be the guy? or can we stick with being the leading ladies?

Today’s my last day of mini vacation – I had 4 days off in a row from sporting the green apron. I’m pretty sure I’ll be there tomorrow THRU next thursday then on friday I’m taking Ro & Matty to LAX.  Which reminds me – this saturday is their last skarieokie excursion so we all should go (sunset dunes) and send ’em off correctly. 

I was recently cast in “The importance of being Earnest” with the Adobe Players.  I have the part of Cecily – the 18 year old.  It gets better. My “love” interest is Gregory Phillip Brown.  You don’t know who that is because he’s best friends with Smurf.  Which makes him like MY BROTHER.  Yah – a senior in high school, and he will be 18 in SEPTEMBER.  I’m not sure how I’m gonna pull this one off.  For those of you that say “that name sounds familiar” he was in Romeo & Juliet with the shakespeare festival this year.  I don’t know what roll he played though.  So THAT happened.  Did I mention Cecily is 18? That everyone refers to her as little and young child – did I also mention I’m the second tallest person in the cast, and the tallest female in the cast?  Did I mention I’m wearing a 40D?  K, that’s not very relevant some 18 year olds ARE big, but….Cecily should NOT be.  That’s what I think.

I hung out with Ro and Leah last night.  We had daquiris and stayed up til about….2:30 then Ro and I stayed up talking at her house til about 4am.  Time flies when you ramble on and your a lil tipsy.  Ro and I had a mini heart to heart about her leaving and I’m apparently the last one, so I better get out there soon.  I told her I think next year.  I’m gettin’ out there SOMETIME this year….hopefully in November. I know I think I just said October but I know I have to be here for certain things and the show and stuff.  SO, hopefully NOVEMBER!!!

Couple days ago I took out the clothes in my drawers and closet that I don’t wear, can’t wear, or by the time I can wear it – won’t.  It’s always cleansing to do that. 

and for those of you who remember my little kid voice:
“Hi, I’m meredith o’noke tabitha elise clarkee and I like rice.  I like all kinds of rice.  White rice, brown rice, rice cereal, rice cakes, rice-a-roni, rice crispy treats and especially the rice my dadda makes, it is magic rice”

for those who do not know or have heard meredith – remind me to show you when I see you again.  it’s not a big deal, just a voice I do.

I’m not hungry for once, BUT probably because I’m eating rice right now.

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  1. You and Me
    I don’t know how you feel about this, but I definitely think that we don’t spend enough time together. I also don’t see Ro very often at all, and she’s leaving next week!! Jason (at Josh’s Party) said that he was going to throw them a going away party this Friday, but he was really drunk so I don’t know if that’s actually going to happen. Let me know if you are doing anything on Friday if it doesn’t pan out so that we can hang out together!
    Also, I LOVE Monter’s Inc and I haven’t seen it for a while and … {don’t hate me!} I don’t own it. I know, I know!! What kind of person AM I? Broke? *{=) Anyway, call me!

    • Re: You and Me
      hey hey – i believe I work until 10 or 11 this friday, and antoan/husband (roomate from bLurbank) may be in town as well, we shall play friday by ear. but I do agree that we dont’ hang out enough, and this shall change!

  2. Voices are cool
    so talk in funny voices often…..soon you will master them as you have mastered your singing voice 🙂

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