yah – part II

And then, if by magic up my return to my fathers house I turned Peach on and their was her F drive…… I Swear on everything that does NOT matter in this world that it wasn’t there hours ago – and now it is. 

That’s all I have to say.  We’ll see if it’s there tomorrow so I can watch Eddie whilst on the computer. hahahahaha Tonight some of us gathered at Camelot and watched another Eddie Izzard video then The Birdcage.  MAN I love the birdcage.  Kaza and I used to watch it seriously…DAILY then it became part of our language and soon we’d just watch highlights – but I still got it memorized. 

Judy?….now it should make sense that “sludge” means yes…..”jes it’s sludge I thought it’d make a nice change from coffee” yay for fun times.

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  1. birdcage?
    You’re afraid of my ….guatamallaness aren’t you

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