I bought 2 bras yesterday.  Neither of which I particularly enjoy but the fit better than the ones I have.  both 38D’s and 40D’s were fitting differently yesterday.  I must have tried on over 50 bras.  If I could spend the $45 on a bra that fit perfectly and comfortably I would’ve bought the one at Victoria’s Secret – but alas, that is not the case.  And so….I suffer, and complain about it.  I have found that fo some reason the people who make bras in bigger sizes feel the need to I don’t know apologize or something.  All the bras up to a…..36C can be found plain with that thin foam layer ….not padding!! just a little layer to help shape and not show off the headlights when one is cold.  HOWEVER. all the bras bigger than a 36C have wierd patterns and seems and it’s just worse than wearing a smaller bra.  I don’t NEED funky ass seems going across my breast.  I don’t NEED funky ass patterns to make me feel better about having larger breasts….I NEED a comfy PLAIN bra that’s it.  I didn’t know I was asking too much with that. wah wah wah

Today Peach ( my computer) is being wierd.  All of a sudden she doesn’t say she has an F Drive.  This is my DVD Rom drive thingy and it’s just not working.  I tried cleaning it but then when I looked in “My computer” it didnt’ even show I HAVE an F drive.  No deals.  I tried a couple things, but you know I’m no wiz.  I know I’ve fixed something like this before but I can’t remember anything!  I called tech support.  20 minutes into the conversation they wanted to transfer me again ask my name and phone number again then tell me it will be $40 for the tech support or I can extend my warranty for $75.  I just rolled my eyes and said “so you’ve made me wait 20 minutes to talk to 2 ppl and tell you my name and my address and phone number a gagillion times already to “verify” who I am and all I’m getting from this is you want MORE money from me? No thanks” and I hung up.  Too frustrated to deal with foreign accents that have to explain things slowly because they can’t speak english well.  Today I’m racist I guess.  If I freagin’ press 1 for english I sure as hell better get someone who can speak english and answer my questions.  I don’ want them to memorize one thing and keep repeating it to me, I want them to talk to me and help me figure out the problem.  OVER IT. 

so yah – anyone who wants to help trouble shoot that, your assistance is welcomed.  If nothing comes of it I just can’t play DVD’s on my computer anymore. wah wah wah again.

Kaza hasn’t returned any of my texts lately – I can only imagine why. 

I was supposed to go to La La land this weekend which is why I had requested the days off from sporting the green apron.  But a “combinations of factors really” I was unable to go. wah wah wah – however.  I had a pretty good weekend anyways.  Michael and I went to Hobees for breakfast at like 1:30pm on saturday.  Then we went bra shopping, poor guy.  Ran into Daaaaannnnaa and her boyfriend Marcus at Mervins.  We were going to go to the movies with them at 4:15 so that was a fun lil suprise to see them then as well.  Shop shop shop, try on try on wah wah wah.  Nothin’. Michael and I take the bike back to his house and hop in the car to meet up with Daaaanna, Marcus, Jack 2004 and his friend.  We saw Open water. 

Enter princess aiyani review here:
OPEN WATER opens the audience to the life of a couple going on vacation.  The texture of the film is kind of like that of the Blair Witch where perhaps the idea was to make you feel like it was more real.  It had that homemovie quality….or lack there of for that matter.  So the couple goes on vacation – where we don’t know and they sign up to go on a scuba excursion.  First we get to see the girl fully naked and then tell her man she’s not in the mood.  Then we get to see him kill a bug in the middle of the night. bored yet? So we finally get to the excursion, the adventure.  People jump off the boat and go scuba diving and they are to return in I think 35 minutes or so to go back.  Someone miscounts and the couple we are watching are left behind.  Floating floating floating.  Getting tired, getting nautious (sp?), getting hungry getting cold.  All those things are already reasons why I don’t go in the ocean.  Once in a while we are told what time it is.  And they are just out there floating with the tide.  The 2 run into little problems and bigger problems.  How would you spend your time floating in the ocean?  Apparently some lose it and scream out how unbelievable it all is and blame someone else for the problem.  Why blame? why go to that?  You’re both stuck out there right? I don’t know.  I guess I’d sing as many John mayer songs as I knew and play movie quote game.  but then again – the cold and little problems that sting and hunger may effect me differently.  Again – reasons I wont’ go in the ocean.  Music only once in a while is a slight build up to what is always nothing.  You want to see what’s going on and you only get a glimpse once in a while.  I’m not ruinning it anymore than the trailer does by saying the couple end up being surrounded by sharks.  Wonder what happened?  I’ll tell ya if you WANT to know, but for those who WANT to see it?  I dont’ recommend the theatre not even a matinee, maybe rent it or have someone else rent it and watch it then.  Meh – maybe even wait til its on TV, it looks like it’s made to be there anyways.  This girl? Doesn’t need to see it again.  Only scary parts are what you can’t see.  In way sometimes thats better.  Not seeing what you’re afraid of.  A quote from this film is “I don’t know if I’m more scared to see them or to not see them”…….something like that.  The guy answers – seeing them.  I mean as long as they don’t touch you and you don’t see them…the sharks are not really there right? well – whatever you like I guess.  To sum up.  First 20 minutes is an acompolation (sp?) of things that may have happened on random vacations to the writer or director.  The water DOES get boring and yah – people can get hurt out there. The lesson? Don’t scuba dive on a random cheap tour.  Know EVERYONE you’re with and take more than a head count – check off names.  The question? what would you do if you were alone in the middle of the ocean amidst a school of sharks with no hope of surviving?

end review.

So we saw that then Dana, Marcus, Michael and I went to Maidenform for Daaaana and I to continue the bra trying on.  I bought one there.  $4.29  can’t go too wrong I suppose.  I mean …it DOES fit. whatever.  Then it was to Target – spur of the moment dealy and that was fun as well. We all had dinner at hudsons and I dropped Dana and Marcus off at their car around 10p and headed to skarieokie for the rest of the evening.  Sang….By Your side (Sade) Bring me to life, and I dont’ wanna miss a thing.  Have I mentioned lately that if Kevin sings WITH me I KNOW I sing better.  And not so much to pat my own back, I know I can carry a tune – but it’s somehow more alive and more exciting and entertaining if Kevin is singing with me.  Thanks Kevin…..member YOU are the GOD. I am just a mere princess.  =)

Kaza just text me “send me an angel”………oooooooooo –

I’m starving and from the looks of it…right on time.  My tummy’s been upset all day and kind of last night – so it will be nice to eat and hopefully not feel like I’ll toss it up.  Jax, sorry we couldnt’ play this day.  Brighteyes maybe I’ll see you later this day at your house for movies.

Thank you food.

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