and I burnt my tastebuds on REALLY hot beans yesterday at a BBQ

The following was a message sent to me via it’s another friends site like and – I just wanted to share with my friends the kind of stuff I get.  Read and enjoy, pick apart, discuss – discard. Whtaever you want.  Have a great day.

“hello how are you ,i hope that you are so fine well i am really so much serious about you and please i am really single and see please i really want to let you know that you are really beautiful infront of me so please i will really do like and apprecaite to have a serious relation ship white you so well please i am such a hansome and nice guy and also here is my email adddress i also do you theminmessenger which is and also princebenjamin2003ng@hotmail.comand please i am really waiting for your reply as soon as possible please as for age see love has no age and age is just a number infront of me what really do matter is the real love and the lind heart .
well thanks yours sincere prince benjamin. ”

So there’s that.

Someone isn’t talking to me anymore, at least that’s what it feels like.  You know that unconditional love you have for your friends, your good friends, the people you just adore and they have their faults and you accept them, and you help them if they need it, and you sit if they need you to just sit and not talk…..and you know that unconditional love that means I love you even though….versus I love you accept…..well THAT doesn’t exist apparently for a so called “good friend” of mine and me.  No IM’s or Emails or texts or phonecalls have changed this, and I guess nothing will.  When someone is set in a frame of mind, at least when this person is set in a frame of mind that I cannot be trusted, or I’m not the girl I “used to be” and all that STUFF……it gets tiring. YES I’m upset because my “GOOD FRIEND” isn’t talking with me.  Yes I’m pissed that I’ve been nothing but completely honest and I still all of a sudden get snuffed. and NO, no no no.  I will not apologize for it anymore.  I’m an adult, I make my own decisions and I learn from those decisions.  I do care about myself not to let myself get into TROUBLE and terrible habbits, but I’m done apologizing.  If you want to still be my friend YOU contact ME. 

If you don’t know what that means, it’s not directed towards you – if it sounds terribly familiar, it more than likely IS for you.

The Importance of pretending to be 18 with huge knockers continues to bore me and I still dont’ like it.  Rehearsals still exist, I’m still in it, and no – no one is invited.

There’s a new store called “Scrapbook Heaven” in SLOville (town, hi kaza) next to the TCBY yogurt place, next to the BIG 5 in the shopping center where the Mervyns and Best Buy are.  if you’re into scrapbooking go there, it IS a heaven.  Kaza hasn’t seen it and I’ll tell you right now she loves it. 
Gotta shower and get ready to s.t.g.a. now

Have a great day, I want to marry John Mayer – what do you want?

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  1. Um, I want….
    another one of those white mocha peppermint blended whatever we decided to call it drinks. wow and YUM. Its been a week and I am still thinking about it ;-p
    How strange is it that I just went and rescued all my scrapbook makings from storage tonight. Looking through the photos and clippings from West Side Story made me smile. There was you, Kaza, Nahnnah and me, and we all looked SO young. Le *sigh*.
    Now I just another paycheck or two and a visit to this Heaven place 🙂 🙂
    Dyed the parachute purple today, gonna finish my room this week or bust!
    We should hang out Fri/Sat if you are not working. Call me.

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