My new special hand lotion works miracles.

This is the time when I want to reflect on my goals and dreams for my future.  The time when I decide that no matter WHAT…….I MUST…….

The Oracle Advises…
Marry John Mayer

Ask the Oracle a Question

The Sandwiches where I sport the green apron are not bad actually – not bad at all.  Little pricey for what you get, but for those on the go, go for it – me?  I’ll still go for Grand Deli (Formerly Dave’s Deli, Formerly Port of Subs)

I didn’t run my errands as planned today after s.t.g.a. because I ended up having to stay 2 hours later than scheduled.  Someone had car troubles coming home from the Bay Area.  – so there’s that.


Loke – when do we play? BESIDES the gym, thank you thursday 5:30pm by the way.

Kaza – hi and sister christian was onthe radio today, followed by send me an angel, ooooOOOOooooo

Kevin – perhaps I will see this night, and were you driving a white compact car this day?, if not you have a twin.

Nahnnah – did you call me and I never called you back? if so sorry, I suck – and how is the work thing going?

B.E. Friday’s bad for me, unless we have lunch!!!! I’m done “working” at 10am, and have rehearsal at 7p, Saturday is breakfast with Michael, then out with Jax and of course skarieokie that night. – we could get together maybe between my return from playing with jax, and skarieokie?

Adriane – Crap, I hope that’s how you spell it, I know you’ve told me like 400 times, it just doesn’t stay in my brain. BUT, I’m done with “work” tomorrow (wed) at 2:30 and have rehearsal in Nipomo at 7pm, and I have all day thursday off – EXCEPT a class I’m taking at 5:30pm at PBAC.  I really need to take my ass to the gym more often.

Judy – sorry i biffed on my comments, not that I think you are amy, I just saw your picture and thought I was responding to you – but alas, I’m a geek and I long for fruit……… and Amy hi, thank you cream puffs.

Sergio – what’s up?, haven’t seen you in a while, skarieokie this night for a bit? I can’t play too late, I have to s.t.g.a. at 7am tomorrow. 

Ro – glad you and matty made it to NY safely, havin’ fun yet? hahahahaha, You need to get an LJ so we can keep up on your adventures. 

That is all, I think now?….. a nap.

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  1. Yes, thank you Thursday at 5:30 pm! Hopefully Jim is joining the gym this week…trying VERY hard to get him to come for dance ha ha good luck to me….see you soon….

  2. Saturday?
    I think Saturday early eve would work, before skarioke. 🙂

  3. snarf
    i think i’m preggers or somethin’
    fell asleep right after i got home
    woke up at 8:30 and had to run errands so no skarioke for me
    i’ll hug you later
    i got to work at a cafe on my vacation – it was so much fun

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