I’m sure theres other clutter upstairs still, but this was a nice clean house project


There’s a new girl who works at Sunset that we would love to hang out with more often. Her name is Caitlin, she’s fun.  She’s silly enough to say she ONLY went to Sunset yesterday because I would be there singing. I told her if she thought that was fun, she would LOVE to see US in action. hahahahaa.  Told her she needed to imagine two people “Loud and Louder” and going to sunset dunes became a free show of performances.  Girls Dancing on chairs on people and drinking!!! oh – it made me miss you (even though i do that all the time, it just was happening AGAIN).  Made me miss you , and Nahnnah ( Hi Nahnnah, EscApé) and pretty sure Ro would have fun too – hi Ro, thanks for calling the other day and talk to you again soon.


Thank You, oh karaoke GOD, for singing Jet last night – LOVE THAT SONG, and you SOOOO ROCK ON IT.


Thank you for always talking with me.  Always communicating with me your feelings and not walking away from me when I don’t understand, or I don’t WANT to understand at that time.  I had SO much fun last night, and I have SO much fun with you.  Its nice to feel loved and appreciated and to have someone look at me and tell me flat out that I’m perfect and if i never changed how I looked i’d still be perfect.  Its comforting to know that you don’t want me to change who I am, or the people in my life for you – because they are apart of who I am.  Thank you for trusting me and being someone I can call in the middle of the night for anything.  Whether it’s I ran out of gas, or I need you to explain something, or I just want you on the other end of the line while I begin to drift off.  Thank you for letting me talk to you half asleep about NOTHING, and YOU have to get up early.  I think you are wonderful, and you are the most wonderful man that’s ever walked into my life.  The way you treat me is endearing and refreshing.  Thank you for not making me chase you, but also reminding me not to make you run away from me.  Thank you for walking away last night, but knowing I was still standing there and you came back to finish our conversation.  Thank for always remaining calm especially when you KNOW I want to yell, but I won’t do it first.  As long as you are calm, I will be. Thank you for knowing that I will always be honest with you, even if it will hurt.  Thank you for so much that is small to everyone and to the world but a big deal to me.  Know that I think of you all through my day and the wonderful things you say to me, know that as much as I don’t agree, I’m soooo glad you see me the way you do. I’m glad there is not a sappy song on the radio that reminds me of you.  I’m glad songs that remind me of you few people have heard of.  I’m glad you still play your guitar for me and still rub your heart and say “awww” when you like something I say.  I love watching movies with you, riding the bike with you, going to hobees,  and mervyns for pants, and best buy and starbucks to play.  I love hanging out and quoting Eddie with you.  Your still not invited to THE play, but thank you for wanting to go. 

There are things in this world that will never change, and people that will go in and out of your life.  Everything happens for a reason.  People that come in your life are only there for as long as they are supposed to.  And your feelings for them are what they are supposed to be and also, only for as long as you should feel that way.  it’s ok to hurt, but let it go.  it’s ok to laugh, it’s ok to regret and it’s ok not to.  I look forward to seeing who will be a big part of my life next.  A part of me believes in that “out of site out of mind” bit, but I think of kaza everyday – and I dont’ see her.  Think of Nahnnah and Ro and JOHN hahahaa, and Plantboy too.  I think of it more as a challenge on who I want to keep in my mind and who i want to let go. 

Who is on your mind?, and let them know.

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  1. always on my mind…
    you and all my friends…lots of the time…even when I am being largely antisocial and hibernating with . Thursday at PBAC? 5:30pm? It was me and Kitten and the instructor last time (basically), GREAT fun, missed you. BTW how do you feel about these colors: champagne and burgundy?

    Why you ask? cause your previous entry with the picture of the girl in the hood? Ya!, that one, well how come it says Priestess, but i thought it said Brestless? I know!! you’re dying with the laughter right now. Um, you’re entry was cute, i like the whole…To: so, and so, and To: so, and so….nice touch.
    Micheal’s cute.
    I’m still single.

  3. Well…`
    You and Left and Momma and Kevin nd my family and Pete and the fact that I hate my job….hmmmmm, all ositive but that last one. By the by…Pete can’t stop saying “escapé”….and he’s got all the cooks at work saying it too….kinda funny…I feel like ass. Love you

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