I need a plane ride

Now……….I’m not really “good” with magic though some people tell me my smile is magicAL and my mommie convinced me when I was little that when I smiled the sun came out.

You are a Priestess!

Take the “How Do You Use Magic?” test!  Written by Brimo

I had an audition yesterday.  Drove to La La land and back.  This time I took Michael to keep me company on the drive.  It was for a commercial and pumping gas takes longer than the actual audition.  But everything went fine and we played around in Burbank for a bit too.  Went and had Panda express…mmmmmmmm and played at Target and I got a pair of $.56 heel.  It’s not what you think though.  I got them at Payless and I had a gift card for $15.67 still from my birthday from the girls in Arcadia. So I used it on a pair of new heel, after all – I got rid of 15 pairs of shoes last week, so I’m WELL deserved of these shoes!!!!!!!  I bought some fun little things and that was nice.  Even got Big Business on DVD at Best Buy for $5.99  It’s just one of my favs from growing up. 

The importance of pretending to be 18 with Huge knockers I still dread. Had rehearsal on wednesday – the director bugs me and talks to me like I’m stupid sometimes so I just shoot him looks and I comment on his comments and direction.  whatever.  I have rehearsal for that tonight as well – oh joy.  I have to be off book here pretty soon and I have STILL have no motivation to even LOOK at my lines if I’m not at rehearsal. again – whatever 

I was late to sport the green apron this day.  I was suppsed to be there at 5am, and at 5:19am my dadda woke me up and said “yani aren’t you suppsed to be at work?” and I jumped out of bed and called Captain (Ryan, a guy I work with) and told him I’d be there in 10 minutes, he said Ok – and I got ready.  That was no good, but it wasn’t terrible he laughed at me and said he’s done it before too.

And now, for a nap – haven’t slept well in the past couple days. Keep waking up in the middle of the night multiple times. no deals.

ps. the title is a lyric from the song I’m listening to if that threw anyone’s jig.  Have a great day.

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  1. Letting go of shoes….
    Yes, I know well the pain of getting rid of old shoes. Mabye I HAVEN’T worn them in 5 years, but Some of them were quite costly and I’ve always been somewhat(OK alot!) of a pack-rat. When geting ready to move I got rid of………..11 pairs, and alot of them old dance shoes. We should do that thing when we just send them to eachother. Oh, PS… you can truly buy shoes on the street here for $5. Yup, new ones too.
    Real email will follow soon, LUV Ro

    • Re: Letting go of shoes….
      in my 2 garage sales pre-new york i got rid of THIRTY SEVEN pairs!
      and still came out here with an entire suitcase of shoes and kept 2 HUUUUUGE boxes in storage in slo. we’re sick, i tell ya.

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