Flashback – this week went on with out me, but I was still apart of it.

I don’t remember what even happened this past week.  I know I didn’t go to skarieokie Saturday because Michael and I went to Cambria and had a fabU time and were wiped out and stayed home just chattin’ away.  Good long talks – sometimes those are good you know?

Sunday?…..sunday I think I had to work but I don’t remember, then there was

Monday: and I didn’t have to work so I hung out with Michael again, OH – I auditioned for this play called “Sylvia” about a dog and her new owner.  *it’s* funny but WAY alot of swearing.  I only read once and sat there for 2 freagin hours.  They were still reading people when I left at 9pm, some of us had to s.t.g.a. at 5am tuesday.

Tuesday: Yah I worked….then drove to La la land for an audition for a Mervyns Holiday Commercial – then I drove back intime to take promo pics for The Importance of Pretending to be 18 with HUGE Knockers.  aka “THE play” (hi michael….THE city!)  Then home again. 

Wednesday:  Get up at 7:30 shower grab some coffee and water at my local green apron and back to La La land again for a TV show called “Grey’s Anatomy.”  I was up for the pediatrics intern.  I go there on time – wonderful, then they skipped me….oops.  Then they called me in and there was a guy and a girl. and the girl ( I think Linda) said she was listening but her computer was being wierd.  So I asked her what the problem was and she said when she tries to type infront of words it types over the words that are there.  So I said does it say “OVR” near the bottom on your screen.  And she said yes – then I said hit the “insert” key. And she didn’t know what I meant – so I said “on your keyboard” and she didn’t see it, so I got up and showed her and she said I got an A+ for my PC knowledge.  THAT was funny.  she said she’s been dealing with it for an hour and we all laughed because she was amazed at her own brain fart.  (fart is a funny word) SO then I read my scenes – 2 of them. And they say fantastic, A+ I’m a great actress and I say thank you and they say “no, no REALLY if it was our choice it would be you….but are you SAG”  no, no i’m not …”are you SAG eligible” I don’t know “ask your Agent to call us” then we said thanks, have a great day and I called Cinthia. No I’m not eligible. so pretty sure that’s a No on the part.  BUT it did feel REALLY great for them to say what they did.  Because they SOOOO do not have to say ANYTHING to me.  They can say “thank you” and not even watch me as I leave.  But they sat in there and talked to me on what I need to do to get into SAG and stuff.  I thought that was VERY cool of them.  so there’s that  – then I drove home intime for THE play rehearsal.  We were supposed to be off book – I kind of am, whatever.

Today is thursday, I slept in til 11 and didn’t feel rested at ALL.  Michael said I tossed and turned alot and I remember telling him when he left for work that I had like 12 dreams, and they were horrible.  But when I finally woke up-woke up I only remember 2 of them.  And only one was HORRIBLE.  Terrible dream about the little Rikster.  He’s 11 now and in my dream he was like 3 and it was blury and wierd.  But smurf was there and he was the age  he is now….and rik had blood all over his chest and shirt and he was sitting on the couch with his eyes closed and mouth opened. and Smurf wouldn’t let me get near rik, and he wouldn’t wake up when I was yelling his name – and it was SOOOO bloody and I was crying and scared.  THEN FINALLY smurf went over and wiped off the blood and changed Riki’s shirt and then riki woke up.  But it was horrible, just horrible.  One of my WORST fears is something happening to Rik.  My sibling nightmares are always sad, but when they are about rik they traggic and scary and horrible and sometimes I wake up crying.  Couple times I’ve dreamt that summer was missing, but there was not blood.  Once I had a dream about Ben(smurf) drowning in a washing machine, but that was a LONG time ago when he really WAS little, and I was younger.  And little riki………i get so scared so easily with him.  I’ve had more nightmares about him then anyone else.  I don’t know what THAT means, I do know that I don’t like them. Ever.

so it’s still thursday and cinthia called me.  I have an audition tomorrow for a TV Land film.  I s.t.g.a at 5am – 12pm and my audition is at 4:27.  yah.  Four Twenty seven.  Gotta love that right? So I’ll drive down there after work then drive back up with EVERYONE else for the weekend who is trying to get away from La La land.  I’ll get to rehearsal for THE play a little late, but I already called the A.D and told her. 

Saturday I s.t.g.a. from 12pm – 5pm and Daaaannnaa wants to play, maybe dinner, and Jack wants to play….maybe drinks.  We’ll see, then

Sunday s.t.g.a. 11a – 4p then meet up with “Gwen” from THE play to do out scene over and over – it’s my hardest scene because it’s so wordy. SO words, then after that I have dinner plans in SLO

And, so you know – though you’re kind of not invited still, anyone that is slightly curious about The importance of pretending to be 18 with HUGE knockers and actually wants to see what its all about and why I complain or if you want to make fun of me playing an 18 year old opposite an 18 year old I used to baby sit……….I guess you can.  (reverse psychology) HOWEVER.  You are ONLY allowed to see it on:

10/16 (John Mayer’s Birthday!!! He’ll be 27)
Night shows are at 8pm, matinees are at 2pm.  $10 General admission
525 N. Thompson Avenue at Nipomo High School in the Olympic Hall
Chairs are folding chairs and it is not stadium seating….it’s the freagin High school theatre….so it will be uncomfortable for all of us.

There will not be another invite post, this will be it.  If you don’t go – My feelings will not be hurt, REALLY

There WILL be more complaining and that is my choice.  You don’t even have to read about it if you don’t want to.  I’ll start putting

“My complaints” at the beginning, then listing off what it is………… ie.

My Complaints
1. THE play……….enter all the things I need to say here
2. s.t.g.a………..enter all the things I need to say here

follow? fantastic.

October will fly by.  I have to deal with his director only 21 more times.  some of those times are during the matinee and night shows counting separately and loading in the set (which I may not be available for) . If I count days only – I only have to deal with this director. 16.

Thank you 16. Let the countdown begin.

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  1. Why are we only allowed to see this show on these certain nights?

  2. loved loved LOVED
    the messaged to and fro l.a. and they were a welcome relief from a looong night at crapplebee’s which i’m about to do all over again tonight.
    th u silly roommah messages.

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