So I got to “rehearsal” for THE play an hour and half after they began on friday. Walked into “Game Night.”  Which was a whole bunch of improvisational games and stuff – It was fun, yes, but I rushed to get back for that? ok, so that happened.

Then Michael and I moved his new mattress into his room and took his old mattress to my mommies house for step brandon.  We ate at Panda express and off to Skarieokie.  I sang……..Ray of Light and Don’t know why in the course of 3 1/2 hours.  Always great to have people at the bar, the bar makes money, (hopefully) keving the Karaoke GOD gets better tips and people all dance around and stuff.  Some scene with one of the new guys “andy”  Guess he didn’t like waiting – cryer. hahahahaha – Kevin rules and he’ll probably post about it so go read it there.

Today Michael and I grabbed coffee at gus’s and I went to s.t.g.a. and i got leave early. so that’s nice.  My bra is bothering me so I’m debating on how much longer I’m going to be wearing it.  I do have dinner plans so I’ll have to at least wear it through that.

Tomorrow? Who knows.

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