Erroneous: Wandering; straying; deviating from the right course; — hence, irregular; unnatural

I feel that sometimes this internet thing is too much for me.  Can I get a witness.  I mean,  I didn’t jump on with the programming thing when it was hot, and I only know so much about my email accountS.  Yah, account…S  I have many.  But why?  Why?, I don’t know why.  Because I can.  And now I have a LOT of space and a LOT of room for messages, that never actually get sent to me.  I mean I have 100MG with,  125MG at, 125 MG at, 250 at, and 1,000 MG or 1 Gig as I’ve been told with………. Why I have these Id ont’ know.  I have certain addresses for certain things though.  Most of the friend sites (ie friendster, myspace, hi5) all send messages to the yahoo one.  That and a lot of junk goes there too.  I use excite for my questions to people I don’t know, and the myway account for people I know.  Kind of like the main one.  I just recently got the gmail account and I’m sure I’ll roll everything around to there eventually, but my GOODNESS this is silly.

ok, that said.

Hi, how are ya?  Fabulous? Great? bored?…..hhmmm….Not too much in my world.  I stga alot at nights lately, I’m a good closer apparently.  Which means I clean really good.  Oh joy.  Whatever.  I got paid today and the money is already gone, and not on fun stuff mind you.  I bought some essentials and paid my gym membership and will need to pay Midas the rest of the mula I owe them for fixing my car. 

An Angry Housewives reunion and viewing will be sunday, I’m excited for that.  I see the girls once a fortnight!, but it will be fun to see everyone else, and eat and watch ourselves, and make fun of us.  That’s in the morning around 10:30, and I know the kick-my-ass class is Sunday at 2pm at Rookies new studio, we’ll see.  I’ve worked out everyday this week, and will tomorrow too – I might take Sunday as the day off and enjoy everyone’s company.  BUT I might not too.

On a kinda sad note.  My dadda, who has been teaching Karate for over 35 years now, and has been teaching specifically at the place he’s at in Grover beach for near 25 years………..has to close the dojo.  They raised the rent to high, and he doesn’t have enough students to keep the place.  He never made a profit on this.  He charged people according to what the bills added up to.  To keep the rent paid, toilet flushable, phone on, and lights working.  And now……..he has to close it.  It made me cry a bit, I don’t have any childhood memories without being IN class, or sitting waiting for him to finish teaching, or people coming over for private lessons.  THIS is who my dad is.  I mean yah, by “day” he repairs mobile home roofs.  Has for years.  He’s great at it, I dont’ think he likes it, but he knows how to do it.  He’s not super duper educated via the internet and stuff, but he’s SO good at what he does it seems so unfair that it should be taken away from him for monetary issues.  WHY DOES MONEY ALWAYS GET IN THE WAY?????  I felt/feel like I should’ve been making GOOD money by now acting or singing, so I could pay it for him so he can do what he loves.  It’s like taking away what he loves, and it hurts him – and he won’t show it, he never really shows his emotions.  But i KNOW he’s sad.  *I’m* sad, my sisters sad, my whole family is sad. It’s taking away what he feels he has to offer (he has said that to me before, …that he feels he doesn’t have much to offer – but teaching all his kids karate made him feel like he was offering himself and what makes him HIM……..make sense?).  Sister and I are going to throw him a surprise sorta-party.  We’re trying to contact some old students, I’ve ran into some, so it should be an okay turnout.  There are some that live in Seattle I think that we’re trying to get ahold of.  These people WOULD fly out my dad made such an impact on their lives.  I borrowed my brothers key for the dojo and found a whole bunch of old pictures.  Like EVERY picture ever taken there or at any tournament my dad kept.  Pics when I was little, from my first tournament as a purple belt, to my last as a black belt.  There’s lots of pics of a guy named Juan, whom I practically grew up with – he’s like this brother that knocked the wind out of me, but it was ok to….there’s pics of him and all these tournaments over the years from when he was a white belt till a black belt.  These people I grew up with, they ARE my childhood, this dojo IS my father – and it’s being taken away.  It just makes me sad.  He trains people so well and it’s not like Mr. Miagi stuff, people always think that and it’s not.  There is fun and there is hard work and he pushes you because he knows you CAN.  And he raises you up but desciplines you to understand your strenghth and knowledge and how to use it.  I remember going to tournaments where some schools had like 20 -30 students competing and my dad’s dojo would take like 7-10 students, tops! and we’d always go home with first and second places and Jr. Championships, and Tournament Championships.  We were all THAT good.  They hated it!!! We LOVED it, I remember competing as a green belt and there was like 15 girls in the advanced girls this age to that age kata form competition.  I got second, first went to a blackbelt, but alot of the other girls were brown belts or had black stripes and I STILL beat them.  Beat them in fighting too.  And it’s because of MY DAD.  And some kids knew what they had when they were gettin’ it, some kids dropped out because they didn’t care, and some kids were around for YEARS.  His students now will not have memories like me.  They will not have the kind of slight grief that I have, but I hope they take with them knowledge and strenght and descipline my dad has taught them to have and be.  Because THAT is what you can use ANYWHERE.  ………I’m gonna make a scrap book with all the pics I found.  Hope it will be a good turn out for him.  He deserves it.

I’m going to see what the healthclubs think, or local dance studios and stuff that may want to have him teach there a few days a week.  This way he doesn’t really have to worry about keeping everything paid off, his students would be paying the studio, he would just get to teach – which is what REALLY matters to him. 

I’ve almost finshied Angels & Demons, granted it took me around 3 weeks, but I don’t read much nor do I read fast.  After that,  it will be The Da Vinci Code.  Then WICKED by who ever wrote it.  I forget.  I got it on ebay for $7 – can’t go to wrong with that can ya? 

I’ve been told to see ELF before I go to NY – for obvious reasons apparently. 

um……Caitlin came over yesterday and we watched Into The Woods (kaza, member when I watched it like EVERYDAY and he almost drove you INSANE!!! hahahahaha) and we watched The Dark Crystal.  Which she has never seen, so that was fun.  Then we got egg-nog cause we were both craving it, at the same time….it was kinda wierd.  The other night My Michael and I watched Singing in the Rain – he’d neve seen it.  I LOVE exposing people I care about to movies that make me who I am, it’s like sharing MORE of me. ……make sense?  Hi kaza, he loved all of the numbers that will be in the yani and kaza show.  Moooooooooooses……..Mooooooses……Ini Mini MyMoooooooses…….Moses supposes his toeses are roses, but Moses supposes erroneously. For Moses, he knowses his toeses aren’t roses, as Moses supposes his toeses to be

………and I caaaaan’t stan’im


Good night neverland – SPEAKING OF WHICH………..I want…..i NEED to see “Finding Neverland” (and The incredibles, and The Polar Express and…..and……….and…….

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  1. Gregory Maguire (wrote Wicked). And it’s a great fucking book. Enjoy.

  2. Yes, WICKED is wonderful, but remember that it actually bears little resembelance to the show, for when y’all see it.
    Really sorry to hear about your dad’s dojo. Stuff like that sucks.

  3. i remember
    going to lessons at your dads dojo….that was one of the best times of my life….i was the fat short kind in school ….everyone picked on me…and one year for my birthday my Uncle Jerry bought me a years worth of lessons after seeing me come home bruised up and crying…i went the first night in sweat pants and came home oooooooh so sore from all the stretching…but i gained soooo soo much from his teachings….1st was that no matter how big a problem is there is always a way to “chop” it down to size, 2 is that you can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself…and the discipline…to be able to just sit and be quiet of a few minutes….call it meditation or whatever you want. I remember learning kata’s and different stances…I loved doing big round house kicks on the heavy bag hanging in the corner near the bathroom……i quit taking lessons way to soon….i had a white belt with purple stripes…but with everything he taught me i never had to fear anyone ever again….
    The lessons I learned in that dojo helped make me who I am today….tell your dad thanks for me. I’d have never survived my early teen years without him.

  4. Couple of things…
    First…I didn’t like Wicked the book or any of McGuire’s other books….I don’t like his writing style…
    Second…There is a band in NY called Housewives on Prozac…and I SWEAR when I saw them I thought it was the band in the Angry Housewives show. It was really weird…
    Third…I know how you feel about the dojo. My Aunt Joy, who passed away from cancer a couple of years back, was my sensei. I have sooooo many memories of being in the dojo, teaching the smaller kids, practising at home, competing, learning self-respect and respect for others…everything that I needed to know to be a good person came from those hours and years spent in classes with her. So i understand. And I’m sorry for the pain you are going through. I think finding him a new place to teach would be great and would mean the world to him, if he’s anything like my Aunt Joy…and it seems like he is.

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