I weigh 100 pounds more than Cameron Diaz and she is my heighth. Thanks.

November Birthdays:
11/5  Kevin (obviously that’s past, but it was fun and he’s fun when he’s drunk and trying to play guitar)
11/8 Daaaaannnaaaa (whom I need to call and play with)
11/11  EJ Coughlin (boyfriend of my friend Kim, they now live in Washington I believe)
11/12  Randy Bear (my 6’4″ bear with bright blue eyes who needs to be a calvin klein model)
11/16  Gramma Barb (I think)
11/23  Terresa Walker (I used to work with her, hope she’s doing ok.
11/24  Sammmmmmson Blackwell (who recently  became a dad again!)
11/25  Ruben Jeffrey Valdez (sigh, my favorite knight from medieval times, who doesn’t work there anymore and yes – I cried about it)
11/26  Brandon Hedspeth (little kid I met in la la land.  His mom loved me and we played with mary kay stuff)
11/27  Heather Champeau (I called her Ferris a while ago because there were too many Heathers involved in the show we were in)
11/28  Cortney Loshbaugh (momma!!!! With my lil Caleb and Randy-I-am-your-biggest-fan in Colorado)

If I missed you please let me know.

I finally got my health benefits through the green apron.  I have to average 20 hours a week each quarter to keep them.  This will not happen because he doesn’t schedule me enough and I’ll have another job in late January taking more of my time.  SO – since I have it NOW, I’m doing EVERYTHING soon.  Gettin’ my eyes checked, my teeth cleaned and other girl things as well………..oh joy.

I’m about 170 pages shy of finishing Angels & Demons by Dan Brown (guy who wrote The Da Vinci Code) I must say it is QUITE interesting, and I only put it down when I absolutely have to.  I think this is the longest book I’ve ever read in my adult life.  I stopped reading books when I was about 15.  Always had a Christopher Pike book on hand then his stories and type of writing didin’t interest me anymore and I took to television, movies and painting my nails constantly.  BUT perhaps the Dan Brown has changed something in me for reading.

I had a cast reunion for the importance of pretending to be 18 with HUGE knockers last saturday.  I know,  why go be with these people if I didn’t like the show.  Well, I liked the people – had my moments with the director and closing night became what the play should’ve been the whole time.  So there was a little “aawwww” in me when I received my invitation via the phone.  I went, we ate we drank, I got smashed, it was fun.  I even had a lil heart to heart with Larry, the director.  He said he’d wished we had the conversation like 2 months ago cause he didnt’ know me or understand me much then.  He said he always felt that I felt I was above the show and better so I didnt’ HAVE to focus like everyone else.  When in fact it was more like, lets not waste time.  Lets do this.  I told him if I didnt’ REALLY want to do it I would’ve dropped out.  I told him there were some good challenges the show brought to me and swallowing my pride was not one of them.  It was only a little wierd because of Phillip, and I was fine by showtime.  And I didnt’ want people to go because I didnt’ feel it was coming together, but once it did – I invited people.  That my involvement though sometimes seemed unattached was much more of the challenge and wanting to meet the challenge.  He didnt’ know what challenges I had meant.  He said I’m a natural and fluent on stage and comfortable with direction – even though he rarely had to give me any.  I said the challenges were the english accent,  bringing out someone younger in me; someone more unknowing of life, looking into my brothers friends eyes and seeing who he was playing not who he was.  Working with people whom have worked together before and being “the new girl” Wearing a dress and a petticoat and thank goodness *I* didnt’ have to sport a bustier.  I told him finding “Cecily” not as she was written was one of the greatest challenges.  I believe I made her much more goofy, and witty then as written which made her appear simply naive and a bit air-heady.  He just said that *I* made him  realize he needs to do more challenging shows.  Some rolls are so type casted its like getting up there and being YOU, and I said what’s the fun in THAT?  I can be me anytime I want.  That’s not a challenge and I smiled at him.  And he just nodded.  Then Lisa Marie (woman from play and co-founder of the adobe players) came over and they chatted about me right infront of me.  I love drunk people…………well I loved THESE people drunk.  Everyone seemed a little more approachable and conversational, even I was – and THAT Im’ sure was different for everyone there.

I missed the Music Awards on ABC sunday night.  John played “Daughters” and I was goin to tape it but freagin’ forgot!  Hate my life, sometimes.

Jean-ene Grrr (friend in la la land) said John will be playing in la la land december 6th, along with Duran Duran and Alanis Morissettte and others.  Not together I believe just there……..you know what I mean?  So she’s gonna try to get tickets for that! yay for that, One of the things ………Two of the things I hate most about living in this small town are John never comes here, and I never know when he’s gonna be in CA because news doesn’t travel past Santa Barbara.  BUT I will soon meet him with my new body, the new me, and he will love me and want to marry me.

I feel like maybe I just might be getting somewhere with this working out thing.  Out of the 16 days in november so far, I’ve worked out for 9 of them.  And I still don’t think thats enough.  So we’re gonna kick it up a notch here and aim for 5-6 days instead of 4.  The workout on sundays at rookies new studio can count so I still get a free day in there at least once a week.  But my eating habbits go in and out of being good.  And not that I over eat, but the other day I had pizza with michael – and felt horrible for doing it.  He looked at me and said, it’s all you’ve eaten today – relax.  And i know I shouldn’ve have coffee, even if it’s decaf – but I don’t have that everyday either.  I know i shouldn’t drink as much, but I don’t – it just feelsl like I do.  hhmm…. I shall continue as I am, perhaps MORE fruit and MORE veggies.  I’ve beein doing rather well cutting out big carb holders like noodles, rice and bread.  Eating lots of chicken and pork chops and steak! and my dadda keeps the fridge full of protein and veggies for me, but perhaps more fruit – like for breakfast.  Lately I dont’ hvae breakfast, I’m just not hungry til about 1pm.  Then I only eat about 3 or 4 times a day.  I know to assist your metabolism you should eat like every 2 hours small amounts of food.  But one thing at a time.  hahahahahaahahahaha

Im’ still poor, every time I think I’ll hvae a lil extra it gets taken away.  I still owe Midas $75 for fixing my car, PBAC (gym) $40 for november, GMAC $233 for november car payment.  And I’ll tell you right now, I get paid friday and won’t have enough to pay all those things.  Oh the life of working for SEVEN DOLLARS AND TWENTY FIVE CENTS an hour.  Breathing. 

Soon something will happen.  I know it.  Something good will happen and it will lift my spirits.  And not just the fact I get to be in NY in 25 days, but something in addition to that.  I dont’ know what it is, but hopefully it will be good and helpful.

A few people have asked me when this movie I was in is going to come out.  Gods Army 2: States of Grace  It was supposed to come out in October, that was the last I heard.  I filmed it in what? January……and it was supposed to be out in October and I dont’ know whats going on with it.  If and when it is realeased it is an independant film, so it would be at the Palm, or not come to SLOville(town).  So there’s that. 

Others are wondering why L.A and for why for acting?  Why not go and sing? Truth is I love ’em both.  And then it’s then why not Broadway? why not NY with your wife Kaza and your girls Ro n Nahnnah.  Truth is I’ve always wanted to be in film.  Always wanted to be in movies.  Sure, being on tour singing would be great – don’t know how to make that happen, but if you or any of your friends have some ideas go ahead and share them with me.  I’m open for suggestions. 

I think that’s it for now.  I ate while typing this so I’m not hungry but a little thirsty, so a beverage it is. 

Oh – and my new friend Caitlin is fabU and wonderful and fun and I met her at the dunes.  She’s becoming connected to my hip and already at the bar if I’m there some one says “where’s Caitlin”  She even loved Defying Gravity so much, she wanted a copy of the soundtrack.  Now she LOVES Wicked and is jealous I get to see it next month with mahroomah!!!!!!  She learned Glinda’s part for Defying Gravity and made her skarieokie debut last saturday.  I’m very proud of her, she said she’d NEVER do karaoke and I looked at her and said “give me 2 months” and in fact it took 6 weeks.  I RULE! But no worries for the SPECIAL song.  Kaza,……….you and me OWN For Good

See ya, I must shower and read a little bit before I stga. 

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  1. when is…..
    the party at your dada’s dojo?…did i miss it?

  2. Woohoo!!!
    Thank you 25 days!!!!!

  3. Remember super-buff and always-working-out-with-randy-bear Seth Adams? He was big on the “diet 6 days a week and eat whatever you want on the 7th thing”. You must designate a day and eat whatever you want on that day, and NOT FEEL GUILTY! It will help with the rest:) I have started doing as Kaz has, setting aside $$ for the”Yani’s here let’s PARTY” fund. We’ll have a blast, don’t worry. I miss singin with you at the Dunes though…(le sigh). 24 more days to find a good skareoke spot. Of course there’s Don’t Tell Mama, but that hardly counts… Can’t WAIT to see you.

  4. P.S
    I apparently need a picture of myself or, better yet, a clever pic to go with my entries.
    WWWWWill work on that whole technology thing…..

  5. so behind!
    i’ve been extremely technologically unforutnate and haven’t really caught up on livejournal entries but i did tonight.
    thank you shout outs, thank you ‘for good’ and as long as you don’t marry another woman, and love me for the wife that i am, i’m good.

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