I have 6 rolls of film to develop over the course of about 2-3 weeks.

Book Meme
Grab the nearest book at hand. Go to page 42. Go to sentence 11. Post it and the name of the book (and these instructions) both in reply and in your Journal.

I’m reading Angels & Demons by Dan Brown (Same guy who wrote The Da Vinci Code)

“He watched as images flashed before him–live feeds from hndreds of wireless video cameras that surveyed the sprawling complex.”

I think if you didn’t read a bit before and a bit after, you’d think this was a naughty book. But it’s not, so far it IS quite interesting, and a slight vocabulary challenge but that’s a good thing right? I mean at this rate BOGGLE will be easier right? However I’m only on page 136 and there are 569, so I better get crackin!!

Michael and I drove down following mommie, randy, Rikster, friends Cory and Jen and their son Cody to Knotts berry farm fun!  THEN, hi, Michael didn’t want to go on any roller coasters!!……….. WHAT????  I admit I was a little peeved, I think a part of me still is, I mean why go to a theme park if you’re not going to ride the rides?  Who wants to pay mula to walk around when you can walk around for free.  Like those mommies that pretty much go and hold the new born while the 2 year old an dad go on peter pan.  Dumb things.  Anyways, Miguel DID go on the Log Ride………..wow.  I asked him why he came along if we wasn’t going to go on the rides and he said the rides will mess up is back and neck, and I hated that response but if I had a messed up back, walking would probably be good enough for me.  So I just buddied up with Randy and my mommie and Miguel would sit while we went on the rides with Cory n Jen.  My mommie doesn’t do roller coasters.  She’s been on ONE in her ENTIRE life, and that was just earlier this year at disneyland, she went on Thundermountain (there’s the goat Kaza!!!)  And I never give her crap for not going, I just really thought Miguel was gonna ride them with me. ………..SATURDAY NIGHT………..was MEDIEVAL TIMES and i’m SURE that if you know me at ALL you know THAT is like, my favorite place in the world.  The food, the food and food is tremendous and the entertainments is ALWAYS fun!!!!  I’ve gone enough to learn the pattern of what will happen next, and sometimes I would hum along witht he music but I LOVED it and I LOVE IT EVERY TIME I GO.  My favorite knight, Ruben, was of course not there as he stopped working there in January.  (big frown) and I hadn’t gone in such a long time that I thought no one would remember me. BUT alas 3 of them did.  “Irish Michael” as I call him, remembered me, gave me a big hug and asked me where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to.  And he made a point to find me before going away so he could say good bye and that it was good to see me.  He playes the…….the……Chancelor?  He’s not a knight he sits up top with the King and the princess.  Travis (our knight) recognized me.  Said he knew I used to go there all the time and knows I have a really difficult name.  So I told him, and he said That’s right! and gave me a hug.  and we took a picture and I had him sign my little crown (as I ALWAYS do, always in line with the 3-8 year olds is the 6′ tall lady acting like she’s 12.  I say 6′ because 98% of the time I’m sporting a good pair of heels or boots) I wandered around and took pics with some of the other knights, some of them are so much shorter than me it’s always wierd.  Then the blue knight, Kyle, saw me too and smiled and I said “member me member me member me” as I ALWAYS did to HIM.  And he laughed and said I remember you, I remember you always doing that (the member me thing) and I know your name is very hard to remember.  I laughed and told him he said thats right!  (why do they always say “that’s right” and not just the knights ANYONE.  As if *I* am guessing as well…..hhmmmmmmm) hugged me, signed the hat and took a picture.  So that was fun.

My Michael and I went and had breakfast, we stayed at the Embassy Suites right NEXT to medieval times………I gotta say working for Embassy Suites was grand in SLO, not so grand in la la land, and staying at them is really great.  You get comp cocktails, and lightsnacks from 5:30 – 7:30pm every night FREE with your room, and a huge cooked-to=order breakfast from like 7am – 10am.  Not just toast and a bagle I mean I had eggs and sausage and bacon and a couple pancakes and fruit, they got cereal and mile and juice and coffee and danishes.  It’s great, it’s always great.  If you travel stay at an Embassy Suites.  Thanks.  SO we ate, went upstairs and got ready to checkout while watching “The Saint” with Val Kilmar (sp?, sorry Ro if I spelled it wrong, I know he’s a friend of yours!!!!) so watching that and packing took more like an hour and a half instead of 30 minutes.  Whatever, we were in no rush.  We checkout at about 11:30 had starbucks got some film for my camera and went to the Movieland Wax Museum.  It’s bigger than it looks.  We spent about 3 hours walking through it and a good 30 minutes in the gift shop.  Nahnnah, michael found some CUTE nightmare before xmas things, and I’m sorry I couldn’t buy them BUT we thought of you!!!!!!!  I wanted to buy wonderwoman stuff for me and loke and superman stuff for sister and smurf and I love lucy stuff for jack and wizard of oz stuff for jack, but in all honesty – Im’ extrememly poor.  Only reason I was able to do stuff was because it was either free, or someone else spent their money so I could do it.  Do ANY of you remember when I had a Good job and credit cards and was having a good life?  I can’t really remember it all too well.  oh well I guess.  THEN……..we went to Ripley’s believe it or not.  Pretty cool, not as bit, not as much stuff as I thought there’d be but still cool to see what I saw.  Then miguel and I went to Outback for dinner and got on the road at about 6pm.  Stopped in Camarillo at the Target on Las Posas road and hung out for too long, then got back on the road and got home by about 11pm.  Good weekend.  Fun things!

Hair appointment at 10am with Emily at Rontal Salon.  (by the way, my uncle is Rik Rontal and it’s his salon, how cool is THAT.  Yah he’s the only straight male hair stylist I know) I said,  “Do whatever you want to it” (keep in mind for 25 years only my uncle has cut my hair.  Parted it down the middle cut it straight across the back and layered it in the front.  ……..  So I go and we chat away.  And she’s lookin’ at my hair and runnin’ her finger through it and says is your hair naturally curly? and I say yah but not like spiral curly or anything.  It’s got some waves but can never hold it’s own it’s too thick or heavy and it always looks like I didn’t comb my hair.  She said it’s kinda curly, thick and kinda heavy and it frizzes too doesn’t it?  I said yup.  She said ok lets go wash your hair and get started.  She cut off 3-4 inches off the bottom, fine fabulous whatever.  Then she took these wierd things that looked flat and grabbed my hair and just randomly cut.  and CHUNKS of hair would fall off!!!!  Wow is all I could think of.  I think she said I’m texturizing your hair.  So she was kinda layering it I guess is what it looked like.  Then she took my hair and had this razor and started SCRAPING my hair OFF!!!! It looked like HUGE hairballs falling on the floor.  She said that would make my hair a little lighter and go flowy flowy flowy instead of frizzy frizzy frizzy in the windy windy windy.  I said cool.  She parted my hair on the side and cut some layers near the front.  Then she was done with tools.  She sprayed some leave in conditioner and used a very light moose in my hair the scrunched it up and held it with about 3 clips.  Then dried it gently with a hair dryer.  When she took the pins out my hair was curly.  and I was like…………woah. and just kept staring at myself.  But I had to stga so I didn’t keep the girls, I had pretty big hair!!!! ………so we flattened it and I payed her and left.  Feeling,……………..wierd and different, but pretty at the same time.  So yay for that……..MONDAY NIGHT Caitlin came over and hung out for a bit, she’s fun! It’s nice that she lives like 2 minutes away!My michael came over later too and he and smurf and my dadda and I all started watching Grumpier Old Men.  Then my dadda took off to skarieokie and 30-45 minutes later he called the house, terry answered and he asked to speak with Michael.  not me…..Michael.  He asked if the movie was over, no not yet, he said pause it and come down to bills place.  We laughed and said sure ok.  And I know I’m a committed skarieokie Junkie and of course VERY loyal to Kevin the Karaoke God and on the occasion I go to mothers……….BUT…..My DADDA asked for us to go play.  We HAD to!!! it was SOOOOOO FUNNY and fun.  We hung out, I sang songs I’ve never sung before, and consequently the Mesa Karaoke books do not have them.  So I felt it was ok. hahahahaha I sang……..

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Thank God I’m a country boy (its a hick bar right?, dad sang a country song, even my michael did so of COURSE i would….)
Don’t tell Mama (from Cabaret)

It was fun and funny. There were like 8 people total there, and 5 of us were singing.  My dadda cracks me up.  You can sometimes still hear is accent when he sings.

Mary Meserve came into the green apron and said when you’re in town we have to call her she wants to go to karaoke, AND she said this time She’ll SING.  Told her I’d hold her to it!

Today I should go to the gym but need to run some errands first.  Like to my storage unit in Nipas, they want money and I need to put some stuff back.  I need to unpack, I need to EAT……..i’m starving!!!!!. But whatever, tonight!  skarieokie at the Dunes!!! And if you don’t come out ususally you SHOULD.  it’s been slow and we can sing more often and try new songs! and not that you care but I’ll be gettin’ to sing “Defying Gravity” again, from WICKED.  I love that song.  Love listening to it, love watching it (the clip from the tony’s) I’m not sick of it.  And a part of me feels sort of complete singing it and motivated to do something as well. 

Speaking of doing something.  Daddas cookin’ me lunch – time to go!

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  1. Thanks for the thoughts!
    Yeah, I’ve been seeing a lot of Nightmare stuff lately too, and have been too poor to buy them, but hopefully soon that will be over and i will be able to buy the nice stuff…and all the books i had in my hands today at BN…I’m sure you know how that feels too…
    I gained 15 lbs eating shit….grrrr, but I will work it off….
    Goal 1: Lose 40lbs by the wedding….Pete is helping
    Goal 2: Continue to audition with new job, I shall be setting up appointments and doing mailings.
    Goal 3: Pay off credit cards.
    Goal 4: Come home for Loke’s wedding.
    Goal 5: Save money for honeymoon and house and the “Having kids” fund.
    I know they seem short term, but that’s what I need to do!
    Love you!

  2. Book meme
    The book is “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde. Page 42, sentence 11 reads:
    “Yes”, answered Lord Henry dreamily, “the costume of the nineteenth century is detestible – so somber and depressing; It makes one realize Sin is the only real colour-element left in modern life.”
    And, yeah, it’s Val Kilmer. Good try though.

  3. Angels and Demons
    Have you read Da Vinci Code yet? How are you liking A&D? If you’ve read Da Vinci, which do you like more?
    I’m dying to discuss. No one I know has read them both.

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