A letter to the girls in New York

Kaza, Nahnnah, and Ro~

You are the bravest girls I’ve ever known.  EVER.  Strange towns to me are supposed to be driven through, and big cities – well I’ve never seen anything bigger than Los Angeles, but they’re to be left alone as well.  I just stay there long enough to dip into the world and get out as fast as I can.  You all dropped your lives, your jobs, your security your home to pursue what we all just see when our eyes are closed.  And I think the hard part is the reality of when our eyes are open.  And I know there’s ALWAYS SOMETHING standing in the way.  We have to not let it discourage us.  We have to just see it as part of the path.  It’s a rock on the path, not the dead end to it.  The people who get lucky and make it on chance have great stories and it always seems so unfair that some of us have to work harder and longer and struggle more.  BUT, it makes making it there SO much better. 

My advice?  Though you didn’t ask, and many a time I don’t practice what I preach.  But in this particular case, I did.  Write it down.  The goals.  Write the big goal down and what it takes to get there.  Write it in a personal journal, write it where it’s not on random so you lose it.  Write it where you will always see it.  Number it off of what needs to happen first, and make that happen.  Then check it off.  Time goes by too quickly to worry. But then again, time is the only thing we have that will remain consistant.  Dont’ waste anymore time not making something happen.  But also, don’t look so far forward that it looks impossible, one day at a time is great too.  And maybe write it down in that journal where the goals are.  Or write on a calendar what you accomplished that day and at the end of the month you can see what you’ve done.  And if you need to change something do so.  Don’t plan too much for little things.  Like, I don’t plan on walking on the beach on monday and wednesday with Caitlin, but I do plan on excercising. So after I do – I write what excercise I did on my calendar.  Make sense? Do at least ONE thing a day for YOU, to help you stay focused on what you need to do, to get you where you want to get. 

Some of us are living vicariously through your adventures.  Though you think you are not having any.  Nahnnah? write in your lj what happened on the subway or something.  People watch!!! You fabulous ladies are in  New York City.  And apparently different parts, doing different things – so tell us about it.  We really DO want to know, we really DO care, we really ARE listening.  When you’re happy, upset, hormonal!, crying, missing HOME, poor, cranky, quixotic or tired. We want to know.  We want to know because you are important to us.  Tell us what stores you see, if decorations are appearing.  We’re coming up on Christmas FAST in New York City aren’t we?  Tell us about the cold and the wind and the colors and how it smells. Tell us about the people that smile or don’t smile. Tell us about your workouts, whether its climbing stairs or going from 7 layers to one in under a minute flat.

Don’t think for a moment you don’t have anythin to write or “report”.  Tell us about a dream you had, a pair of shoes you wanted. ANYTHING.  Because THIS will ALL relate to when those dreams…..til those GOALS are reached.  You will have great “remember when” stories” and EVERYTHING, and all of us WILL remember when.

It’s time to try defying gravity.  I think I’ll try defying gravity and you can’t pull me down. 

I’m through accepting limits, cause someone says they’re so.  Somethings I cannot change – but til I try I’ll never know….

Sing it, love it, Live it

There’s gotta be something better than this, there’s gotta be something better to do, and when I find me something better to do – I’m gonna get up I’m gonna get out, I’m gonna get up get out and DO IT

I love you all very much and will see you SOON


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  1. I would love to respond to this in more profound words, but just now I can barely see the blurred screen through the tears in my eyes. Sometimes I can go a whole day without recalling how much I miss you, but not often. Just know: I doubt I would be doing this now if I hadn’t watched you fly off to lala land and start livin it!
    LOVE. Lots of love. And a wonderful warm feeling I didn’t have 10 min ago.
    Thank You.

  2. its true ya know…
    i read my “NY girls” journals everyday…or rather each time you post…i might not comment but i do read and i do care….
    we are watching you….

  3. More tears…
    As you know…cause i was online with you when I read this…I was already crying….but then there was this and i was happy crying and sad crying and then the tear almost ran out and I was mostly happy again. I miss you much and I’m counting the days….i shall put a days till Yani calendar on my wall….yes I shall…fun things to look forward to….it will be my first x-mas season in NYC too!!! And Kaz can show us ALL around….and Pete, seeing as though he’s lived here his entire life!!
    I love you, thank you soo much for everything!

  4. thank you reminder
    now that i’ve been here for over a year, i’m in a routine. and although there are amazing things all around me everyday, a lot of them aren’t ‘new’ anymore. not that i still don’t have my many ‘state-the-obvious’ moments of OH MY GOD I LIVE IN NEW YOOOOORK! but it’s nice to be reminded to share the thoughts and stories, continue to focus the energy on the dream, the goals, and my life in general.
    THIS is why i call you mahroommah. it means so much more than anyone else knows 😉

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