Where to begin…..ish….a la….Me.

Loke and Sgt. Jim went to see The importance of pretending to be 18 with Huge Knockers on friday.  It was a surprise when suddenly I realized they were in the front row.  I didn’t have my glasses on, nor do I have any contacts to wear and the audience sits about 2 1/2 ….3 feet beneath us……but low and behold I recognized that laugh and caught a glimpse of them in the middle of Act II .  It was wonderful having them there.  I felt a new surge of energy rush through my body the moment I knew it was them and tried to throw them a couple looks, like when I said “well I’m really only 18 but I always admit to being 20 when I go to evening parties”  At the curtain call Loke handed me a GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers. GOR….GE…OUS.  Vibrant with color and full of life.  I’m sure I blushed through the pounds of blush I was already wearing.  Then afer the bows we go out and say hi to people and we hugged and I thanked them for coming and Loke said “yah, I wouldn’t miss it” and i almost cried.  I dont’ know why it meant SO much to me at that specific point, the fact that it was Loke and I just smiled and didn’t know what else to do.  I guess I sometimes forget that my friends actually WANT to support me and my shows and my choices and stuff.  So. Loke and Jim thank you again for coming, it really did mean alot to me (even though I know I told everyone not to go, it was really cool that you did).

Saturday was the 2 last shows.  A matinee and a night performance.  Between shows the cast went to Gregs house  and he and his wife had prepared Enchiladas.  And YUM YUM YUM.  My tummy thanked them.  The night performance, the closing. …….didn’t feel as emotional as I normally do.  But then again I wasnt’ as attached as I normally am.  Great crowd, all laughing and sending energy up to us on stage.  My mommie and Randy and sister and Rikster all came to see it and they sat with Phillips parents and they all, of course, would crack up about me and Phillip. BUT it was at the appropriate times, so that was nice.  The cutest thing was at the very end when all the couples are together and I’m staring at Phillip and he’s adorable, dont’ get me wrong at all, adorable – love him very much…..but he’s you know…..my brothers best friend and I’ve known him since he was 12. ……….BUT ….cutest thing – at the end we’re standing there holding hands and being “cute” and he took my hand as he always does and put it on his heart, as he always does, but then just said “thank you” and I thought “aaaaawwwwww”  He knows that there were times that I wanted to just say “you know what nevermind” he knows I struggled being “nice” to the director and what not, and I knew just by that he was recognizing all those things.  And it was just cute. So there’s that.

After the show we go down and say hi to the audience and sister comes over and reminds me that Matt (her boyfriend of…..um….awhile now) got me a present.  This I remembered, as she had text it to me a couple days earlier. BUT she brought it WITH her.  So she handed it to me, wrapped and right away it looks like a CD. I’m thinking to myself………..I have NO idea what it could be.  Can’t be John, have all those – that’s a lie I don’t have the     

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  1. Dont thank us
    You are a wonderful actress! I absolutely enjoyed the show. I just dont know how that one actor! Your leading man… could eat so much… sandwiches, muffins…. etc… I would of puked. Some people Me being one of them are untalented and wish they had it, what you do is beautiful, and as a person who is meant to be the audience for life, I thank you. People like you make life more enjoyable, and let us forget if just for a moment the stress and worry, that goes with things. WORK. THE MILITARY. GETTING MARRIED… THANK YOU..
    I wish you all the luck, with your goals. I know you will achieve them, and I cant wait for you to do our wedding. Besides when you have your own TV show etc… the Famous princessaiy will forever be tied to our family.

  2. NY isn’t as bad as we all make it seem. Just everything out here moves st a different pace. EVERYTHING becomes so dramatic. And there are actually quite a few movies and tv shows that film out here. And Im KINDA only kidding about convincing you to move here. I mean Im not gonna drag you by the hair or anything.
    Plans: What time do you get in on the 11th? We are planning a little Xmas party and wanted to make it on a day you could attend. The 12th(Sun) is another potential date. Let me know.

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