I downloaded the Fraggle Rock theme today too – that was fun!!!

To remind you:

Tristain Nathaniel in la la land is t_nathaniel

and Ro is on now too with:  robink

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  1. You can’t……
    ….throw a rock (or snowball soon) without hitting a green apron out here. Just FYI……ya know : )

    Hi, I love you…My computer is still fucked, but today I took it to the shop and they are going to install XP, cause that’s what we used on peach and i loved it, so hopefully tomorrow i’ll be able to use it again..i’m writing this on my mommies laptop…I love that ro has an lj, i’ll have to add her to my list…and sweetpea as well..he wrote me the cutest email btw. UM…..Ya, speaking of Sex and the City, i decided that I’m going to have to buy you them so you can be like me. So, don’t buy any of the seasons..not that you or I can afford them (rofl), but i’ll take care of u..
    Wanna make out?

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