Remember: It is only one persons opinion

The Adobe Press saw THE play and said this of me:

“The highlight ofthe show is undeniably Aiyani Mersai as Cecily Cardew. She is amazingly confident in both her English accent and manner. Her perfect comic timing as she delivers her witty remarks with wide, innocent eyes and dimpled cheeks had the audience laughing out loud at last weeks’ performance.”

The Santa Maria Times saw THE play and said this of me:

“Of particular note is Aiyani Mersai’s clever performance as Cecily Cardew. Her debut with the Players as the coy,yet not so coy young woman who falls for Algernon Moncrieff is seamless. Her natural instincts for delivery, movement, and facial expression create a welcome depth to the role. However enjoyable and hilarious is Brown’s portrayal of the grandoise Algernon throughouthte plays’ entirety, he particularly shines in the scenes with Mersai. Their chemistry is certainly fun, and funny, to witness. ” ………………”And Cherise Lang’s portrayal as the assertive Gwendolen Fairfax offered a nice contrast to the younger Cecily. She was at her comedic best in the scene where she meets mersai’s Cecily for the first time.”

The SLO Tribune saw THE play and said this of me:

“Greg Brown as Algernon Moncrieff and Aiyani Mersai as Cecily Cardew also gave standout performances, the former echoing Wilde with his slightly effeminate gestures and melodramatic flair.

Mersai thankfully used a light hand with her role as an innocent ward yearning for excitement with her guardian’s “wicked” younger brother. She balanced the over-acting of Nancy Jo as her tutor, Miss Prism and the lapel-grabbing, sputtering Alan Vogan as her caregiver, Jack Worthing. ”

Michael and Adriane are seeing the matinee tomorrow.  I KNOW I KNOW, no one was invited but I have their WORD they will behave and not poke fun.  The matinee will be played with Phillip (the 18 year old) Tonights performance and saturday nights show, and sunday matinee show is played with Larry, The director.  not bad not bad.  Not Great.  But alas, not bad.  I guess THE play will continue to have it’s moments.  No idea if the new times will see it, and if they do when. 

Tonight my jig was off, my voice didnt’ sound like my own nor did my lines and my accent was not sticking with me.  I haven’t been using it everyday like I did last week.  I shall talk with it all day tomorrow (obviously with 2 shows) but I can’t lose it again.  Some lines I only remember with the afflection that I use when speaking with the so called accent. 

meh.  I shall sleep now, clean hair and clean face and ready for nodtown.  I had a lovely dream the other night.  Remind me to tell you about it.

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  1. YAY!!!
    YAY!!!! for good reviews! I;ve never had anyone say anything so nice about me in all my professional life! You should be proud! I am!!!

  2. sounds like…
    more than just ONE person’s opinion.
    and not a ‘healthy’ comment among them! (‘cuz he’s DEAD) oooh, i’m going to hell for that one.
    ~ ‘like colonel sanders before he went teets up…oh you’re gonna buy my chicken!
    yay mahroommah 🙂

  3. Hi
    I have a journal now. FYI. Its robink. : )

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