i don’t know what to call this

So there I was sitting with Peach (my computer) looking up stuff and checking emails and whatnot when a knock is at the door.  Odd……..I peak out the window but don’t see anyone, perhaps the mail man dropped something off and now I will go and retrieve said package.  Only I open the door and there are 2 young boys probably 19 or 20 white shortsleved colored shirts, black pants, a necktie and a black name tag.  Hi we’re from the church of Jesus Christ and Latter day saints.  (oh joy) Hi guys……it’s wierd to be talking to you in my jammies.  They explain they just want to share a message with me and do I attend church and bla bla bla.  I say no I dont’ go to church anymore people bother me. Which is true…………..sidenote: 

I left Calvary chapel Church at 15/16ish because everyone felt bad that my parents didn’t go.  Now we all know my mother is a very strong christian but because she didnt’ attend church she probably was going to hell anyways…….and my dad believes but doesn’t go around reading the bible or anything.  they all treated me like an outcast.  After all, all the parents met THERE at 18 got married and popped out kids at the same time, which is why there were all the same age, growing up together, falling in-so-called love and gettin’ married at 18 and 19 and poppin’ out babies.  We know this is NOT my style.  Obviously, I knew I was meant for different things, so I left.  I then attended New Life Nazarene church.  My sister works there, my mommie goes there and my brothers enjoy youth group and stuff there.  Great, Fine, and Fabulous.  Then, my life takes a wierd screaching turn when the first boyfriend/love disappears living only his clothes behind at his aunts house and a kiss on my forehead with verbal promises of seeing me soon.  This tragic moment in my life at the young age or 18 (and yes I wanted to marry him…..but not til I was 23) left me baffled confused and or course sad.  And asking EVERYONE to leave me alone didnt’ work.  Telling EVERYONE I didnt’ want to talk about it, or him didnt’ help.  And I became angry.  Angry at everyone for not respecting my wishes by letting me be and quite frankly…..” I don’t want to talk about it doesnt’ mean pray RIGHT OVER ME”  So I left.  And I go if my sister is singing, or if my family is involved, or for Christmas and Easter – affectionately known as CEO (Christmas & Easter Only).  So there’s that, doesn’t mean I dont’ believe, just means I dont’ go to church………………..end sidenote

So I tell them my stories and somehow move onto acting and the fact I was in Gods Army 2.  Now, the Mormon Family, if you will – are HUGE fans of Gods Army as it is ABOUT mormons saving people and trials and tribulations just trying to get through your own life, while trying to save others.  I told them yah I was in the sequel and the FLIPPED OUT.  I’m not even sure how we moved there but they said they LOVED Gods Army, and Brigham city and didn’t know there would be a sequel but were VERY excited.  I mean………..like me in the front row of a John concert excited.  They asked about the people and I said there were some of the same people and it was written and directed by the same guy so it would be good and again……..they were undeniably exstatic.  Well we finish our conversation.  I take their book because I won’t be able to shut the door until I do (i mean that nicely…….) and they say thanks and we’ll see you around.  …….then about 10 minutes later

I go out and change over my laundry and they come back around the corner.  I say hey guys and they say

“can we have your autograph?”

Died of laughter.  yes right to them, and not because I thought they were stupid for asking but because it was SOOOO not a big deal to me and I explained that to them.  I said I’m not even that big of a part, it’s not even out yet, you’ll forget all about this -you’re being silly.  They said they wouldn’t forget, that it would mean a LOT to them and just the fact that I “hung out” with these people that were practically heroes to them was reason enough to ask me to sign there papers.

So I did.

and it was wierd, and fun all at the same time.  yes, people have asked for my autograph before – but when kids ask you at the SLO Little Theatre it doesn’t seem that big of a deal.  But when someone says you hung out with my hero, I am humbled and appreciative. 


I got my new glasses, and my contacts – it’s nice.  I haven’t worn contacts in over a year but I remember how to put ’em in and I didn’t freak out like I thought I would. 

I start training at the Tax Company next week.  Then in january it will be M/T/W from like 8-4 then when february kicks in it will be a full blown M-F 8-5 and I will still try to get some hours in at the green apron.  I gotta have SOMETHING to transfer with, plus I get free stuff and that’s always nice.  So there’s that..


How to Order your drink

How many shots (if you want more than what a drink comes with)
The syrup you want
The milk you want
The name of the drink

ie.  Grande Vanilla Nonfat Latte
ie.  Tall Carmel Frappucino

It seems easy but if you come in and say “I’d like a latte……vanilla……decaf……….extra vanilla, with an add shot and nonfat milk” I will only look at you and try to memorize what you are saying and then say “what size”  Just a lil help.  OF COURSE.  If you want it ICED say THAT …BEFORE the size or we’ll grab the wrong cup, mark it up and make you the wrong drink – unless you catch us mid mark and say “oh sorry I wanted that on ice.  Then we have to look at you……… and throw it away.

ie.  Iced Grande Vanilla Nonfat Latte

If you want more help on ordering let me know what you like and I’ll tell you how to order it.  But just in general SIZE FIRST.  Thanks.


*  Know what you want by the time you get to the register. 

*  Take the samples that are provided for you, they are not old or stale they really ARE free and normally quite yummy

*  Tell us who is with you

*  Give your name, OR ANY name you will answer to

*  Know what kind of filters you use if you need us to grind coffee for you, it DOES matter for how fine we will grind it.  Most of you have a “flat-bottom” filter, or “Paper Cone” which comes to a point…….like a cone


*  Look at the board like you’re reading what it says and say “uuhhhhmmmmm” and then select a drink that is not even on THAT BOARD.
(ie.  in MY store, to the customers Left is the least of beans, to the right are all the drinks, dead center is what we are brewing right then and there, dont’ look at the bean board and say “i’ll take a venti sumatra” and we’re not even brewing that)

*  Ask if we have samples, if we do – you’ll know

*  Take money from the tip jar because you dont’ have enough – that’s just rude.

*  Ask for a microwave, None of the Green Aprons have them – there ARE reasons, if you care ask me why

*  Ask for a toaster, again – none of them have them

*  complain that other Starbucks have certain pastries, we will say “yes you’re right” because we all dont’ have the same provider or bakery that sends us our goodies. 

It is the holiday season and there are lots of fun gifts for the price of both your legs, and people may be everwhere holding everything – if you have question ASK, we’re not supposed to bug you past saying “can I help you find something”

No, you are NOT allowed to come see me at my store.  I’ve said this before and some people think it doesn’t apply to them.  The acceptions are Brighteyes, she  started going there before I was hired and tries to go when I’m not there.  Kitten (Jen Law) Again, was going before I existed there and doesn’t make fun or give me a hard time.  Sister, she got me the job.  People that go ONLY because I tell them Not to….piss me off.  You’re my friends but if you want to be my enemy, piss me off.  I have my own issues and reasons for not wanting you to go, the least you could do is respect my wishes.  And yes, I even get a little pissy if my mommie walks in, so if I can get mad at my own mother whom I adore and love (99% of the time) then I will MORE than likely get pissed at you.  Don’t test me, someone already has and the outcome was not nice.  I don’t have to be nice if you go, because I”m “nicely” asking you NOT to. 

Have a great day, try the Cranberry Bliss bar, the Ginger bread, and the Carmel Pecan Torte, and the Opera Torte.

We are into single digit countdown for my trip to New York – it WILL be amazing.  Thank you 9 days.

I must go and wrap presents now

Remind me to type about the dream I had lastnight, it’s about John.  (HUGE SMILE!)

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  1. hah! love those dos and donts… virtually the same for my privately owned coffee shop. asking for iced after i mark the cup… asking for syrup after i rang them up… all that jazz – BLAH!
    and no offense, but we hate it when someone comes in ordering a venti or something… because there is a shop near us that has the same names but a grande for a small and a tall for a medium… backwards and TOTALLY annoying to us that just use small, medium, large! haha
    mind if i email you some questions sometime about how things run over there? since i manage i’m always trying to think of different ways to run things… 🙂 tata

  2. Me…
    I have become the queen of the Starbucks run at work….why? I’m not sure, I offered once and now i get sent over there all the time!!!
    Venti Carmel Apple Cider extra carmel NO whip….was that right?
    Everyone at work loves those carmel pecan tart things, but I have yet to try the Opera Torte, even though I was DYING t. it looked really pretty, but i couldn’t afford it.
    Love you single digits!!!!!!

  3. A couple weeks ago Jess and i were at the panda express, and she mentioned that you worked at the starbucks next to there, i peeked in but didnt see you, but i didnt know i was banned. 8(

  4. just as long as you don’t BECOME a mormon
    and it is now EIGHT DAYS and to that i say….
    back? where am i going?

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