note to self: things I want to update about

new york, and my homework that is will be due on saturday.

Louie B’s bar in Santa Maria and THE GOD OF KARAOKE (ps funny voices and stories on the way home)

the tax company (Ashmore & Associates)

Brian from skariokie (jess’s friend brian), our little conversation.


I think that’s it for now.  I just needed to get it out of my brain to a place where I could remember later.

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  1. Yes….WONDEROUS that Kaz sent you maps and all, but remember, yor job here is to have a blast! And it is OUR job to show it to you. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to take the week off work, like Kaz, but I’m switching some and should be ready for all the good stuff! And you must come in to my work one night… well one of my work places:) I’ll get you fantastic free drinks!!

  2. work…
    can’t afford to take the week off either but my schedule is modified and i figured between the 3 of us ( you, me and seanah) ~ oh! and pete! …we’ll take GREAT care of her.
    and it’s not like i sent her maps of the museums or somethin’! it’s all the hot spots that we’ll hit this next week! yaaaaaay for fun ahead!
    we need to talk asap about the schedule!
    th u 4 days til operation: yani arrival!

    And that’s all I have to say about that!

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