Boring day to not bad day to funny night at skariokie.  Boring day at the tax company, got called in to stga.  Well, this girl wasn’t feeling to well and asked if I would take her3 1/2 shift. sure why not.  Then to skarieokie.  I promptly arrived by 9:15 and sang:

Angel – Sarah
By Your Side – Sade
Sorta Fairytale with you – Tori Amos
Holding out for a hero – bonnie Tyler (gotta practice for Loke and Jim’s wedding!)
Let it Be

Then it became a game.  Because NO ONE was there EXCEPT Kevin, Angie, myself and Janet (brad’s wife), and Mr. Dave Castillo sometimes singing there was a lot of play time. We had a Bryan Adams round, then a Neil Diamond round then the WHO DO YOU HATE round.  Where Kevin, Angie and I sang songs from artists we couldnt’ stand.  I almost finished mine, Angie got closer to finishing hers, and kevin just plain stopped 1/2 way through because that’s all he could take.  “what did you sing” do you ask?

Hero – Maria Scarey (me)
My heart will go on – Celine Dion (angie)
Nothing Compares to you – Sinaed O’connor (the god)

Kevin kept throwing in these fabulous new and fun lyrics to just ridicule the song and the artist it really was hysterical.  So thank you Kevin, thank you for cracking me up and now I have too much adrenaline flowing through my veins that I’m too awake to sleep and have to wake up tomorrow.  Though…….not as early as you so I hope you went to sleep fast!  …… kevin – thank you for your email and I’ll write you the story tomorrow afternoon.

As for the New York book I’m writing, no it’s not finished.  I write in it when I can which sometiimes is a few sentences or a paragraph but at least I have my notes to remind me.  I’m sorry – if you are/were waiting for it, though I highly doubt more than 3 people even read this anymore.  (Sweetpea, Brighteyes and Kevin) Kaza…… don’t count! i know you read it! and I know we talk about everything!  I think Ro and Nahnnah read it too but that’s it. I think my cousin Jorelle reads it too, she’s in Florida!  I’m not friends with most of you like I’m friends with them.  I never see some of you, never….sometimes reading your lj’s I just get confused because I haven’t been keeping up, so I just skip it.  I know you don’t think about me and what I’m doing, and it’s not wah wah wah – I don’t really think of you guys to often anyways.  Allthough……………………

I think of Judy whenever I see fruit
I think of Amy whenever someone uses a good word I know could be good in Boggle
I think of Jax when I or someone elses uses a good soundeffect
I think of Tyler and Jayme when I think of CRAZY PEOPLE IN FAR AWAY LANDS,
I think of Ro when I’m at Spikes, or Mothers Tavern, or The Library and of course Sunset
I think of Brighteyes when I hear Total Eclipse of the Heart and when someone wants to build a drink, then blend it.
I think of my michael alot, lots of things remind me of him – but i talk to him everyday and see him almost every day too – so that’s not really fair.
I often think of Jason Sumabat but I know he doesn’t read this
I think of David (kaza’s boyfriend) when I see an applemartini and when Michael uses “softlips” lipbalm
I think of john – but he doesn’t read this either.
I think of Antoan when I use my AbFab accents or quote Sex in the city and nobody gets it, or when I say something that supposed to be funny but it’s sort of truthful and sad so i pretend to cry too. – he always did that, it was really funny.

I guess I do think of you guys, and maybe I just mostly feel left out because I know we don’t hang out, I know you don’t really think of me because there really isn’t a reason too.  I dont’ even know what I’m saying now it’s getting late and I’m getting delirious

I know I should:
Call Adriane
Call PG

To keep whoever in the loop of the world of

Tax company: partime this week and next, it will get busy in Feb then it will mon-fri 8-5

STGA:  mostly just Tues/Thurs/Sats and maybe Sundays too

Workout: when I can go I do (i was going to start training with Randy Bear as my personal trainer but I had to blow that money on my stupid car! I love the princessmobile but come on……….she gets jealous and takes every penny I have.  I still owe Midas $233, I still need to pay PBAC $40 for January, and I still need to send off my january car payment for $233.  If anyone knows a good at home business/ work thing I could really use it, I really do need time for me to workout and money to pay bills and sheisser

I’m having lunch with the Angry Housewives  on Friday

My new friend is gonna be in San Francisico next weeked – he’s never been to Cali….FORNIA (thats the hint to tell you he lives in NY) so that will be cool for him…….who’s my friend you say?  Names Ethan, I know him from My space, that’s all.

I need money
I need new contact lenses
I need some toiletries
and I need to lose this weight already.  I wish I wish I wish.

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  1. I’m reading! See? Tack one more onto your subscription list.

  2. booga
    just a thought, i read you too

  3. I think of Ayiani
    everytime I here Sarah or John on the radio

  4. Count me in!
    I always get excited when I see one of you posts…I grab a cuppa and sit down for a real good story.

  5. I think of Amy whenever someone uses a good word I know could be good in Boggle
    Coolness. You can go to and play Boggler to practice and then beat everyone’s ass at the game. Although they don’t follow all the same rules as Boggle (they use made-up words sometimes, and proper nouns), but you can go to links to see what the words are that the computer gets.
    When I have time and I am feeling rebellious (if I’m, say, at work, like I am right now) I read the entirety of whatever of your posts I stumble across. Like my friend says, it’s a good way to get to know someone better.
    I’ve been wondering why you’re not at the Girls’ Nights, but you must be busy.
    Anyways, see you this weekend! 😀

  6. LOL
    ok, so i’m over at david’s and here are the comments as i have read part of this aloud:
    LOL from david…’she mentioned ME but she didn’t mention that she thinks of you?!’….didn’t tell him that you gave me a shout out earlier 🙂 sssshhhhhh….
    and a very drunk dominic…”HELLO? she didn’t mention her GAY SANTA?!?!?!”
    we ALL read you and care about and love you more than you can imagine! and can’t wait for the new york update btw…like i wasn ‘t there…but still can’t wait for the perspective….

    • re: LOL
      I guess it didn’t make it through the first time, and I don’t remember all the original stuff BUT….
      Dear (Gay) Santa~
      Thanks for the smelly good candle you gave me for Christmas. I really do like it!! And it came quite in handy during the power outages we were having. It’s hard to think that it must be cold where you are, the coldes it has been here it 40 something and I KNOW its colder where you are! I think of you whenever I go into or pass by a (cr)Applebees and I know you like doubleabsolut with Orangejuice (is it vanilla vodka?…I can’t remember) But I hope it was the right kind I put out for you during Christmas as I know hard liquor helps keep you warm when you are traveling all over the world to deliver presents. I think you are funny and I will probably see you sometime in June as a) I may be visiting New York again then and b) I know you like to be in New York when you are not at the north pole. Hope you are off to a great year and I think your belt buckle on your suit needs to be SILVUH instead of gold colored. Thanks for paying attention to me Santa, and I’ll talk to you later.
      Princess Aiyani

  7. SOUL SISTAH!!!!
    Um, hello…??? I still read your live journal! It’s a way for me to catch up on what’s going on with you! I am just a sucky comment leaver, I’m sorry. But, I do check in with you weekly to see how things are. Anyhooters, I LOVE YOU MY SOUL SISTAH!!! I miss you and can’t wait to see you again before too long, I hope. Stay in touch. E-mail me sometime, new e-mail address, by the way – “”. Take care, big loves! xoxo ~Ter Bear

  8. Take two pirin tablets honey its goina pass!
    To the contrary of popular belief I think of you often and not just when I read your LJ! Hello career! Take two pirin tablets honey its goina pass!
    RE: Princess LJ 1.16.05 a.m.
    “if you’re wondering what that something actually is – you can ask…….”
    Princess Phone Rings –
    Princess: “Hello!”
    Sweet Pea: “Hello! Umm are you engaged?”
    Princess: “ha ha ha!”
    “The tides are changing with the gentle sea breeze opportunities are brought forth.”
    Sweet Pea

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