Selling my Car

To anyone out there and to your friends.  I’m selling my car.  She’s fixed and fantastic and I don’t want to sell her but I can’t afford her anymore.  Her last checkup at Midas, my favorite mechanic (other than Kevin!) she past with flying colors receivin an A+.  She is a:

Silver, with grey interior
Chevrolet Cavalier LS
4 door automatic drive
Automatic windows
Automatic Locks
CD Player
A/C and heater work
98,300 miles on her

and whatever else you want to know,ask me…I’m looking to sell her for $5,000 she got somthing like $6,000 on bluebook online

Thank you ….and goodnight!

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  1. I wish I could just trade you my car, though he’s 2 years older than yours. *{=) Of course, I also told some people that if I bought a newer car, I’d sell mine to them.

  2. Sell your car
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