Good afternoon!!!!
Today I sent off the Group Request Order Form for Tickets to WICKED. Thank you to those who let me know what their preferences were. To those who didn’t decide on time, I did Guesstimate higher in participants than responses received. I will receive confirmation in 7-10 business days which of the three (3) dates in July we requested (July 30, 23, 16 in that order) with a confirmed seating chart and an invoice. When I receive this invoice it will tell me how much money is due as a deposit. I was told 15% would be due within 30 days after confirmation was received, and the rest would be due 60 days prior to our arrival date. This will allow you time to save and set aside money for your ticket and food and anything you may want to purchase at the theatre. ( We WILL be stopping once on the way there for food, and once on the way back for food – a better schedule will be provided once I’ve received confirmation of tickets and bus.

Reminder Bus Money is $23 and I will start collecting when I receive confirmation on tickets – it’s only fair to do so – and the movie chosen to watch on the way down there is none other than….”The Wizard of OZ” starring Judy Garland.

The following people are NOT confirmed on my request list for seats but showed interest:

Mandy’s sisters…..???
Derek – LM friends
Paul – LM friends
Jason Sumabat
Greg Birdsong
Dolores Birdsong

The following people ARE confirmed on my request list:

Jack 2005
Kim (smurf’s girlfriend)
Sgt Jim
Loke’s Mom….
Sweetpea (not riding on bus, lives in L.A)
Jason Champeau
Nicole Champeau
Adriane Huges
Lisa Dean
Terry – LD roommate
Rebekah O.
Matt Schmitz
Lisa Marie
Larry Kaml 1
Larry Kaml 2
Larry Kaml 3
Larry Kaml 4

There are still seats available in the following sections on my request list:

Orchestra – $100
Mezzanine A-H – $100
Mezzanine J-N – $65
The $40 seats are CLOSED, I’m sorry if the disappoints anyone and if this means you don’t want to go or can’t afford to, again I’m sorry – please let me know and remember the payment plan I mentioned above – so please consider the other seats as well.

Seats that are available on my list are first come first serve, as I run out of room or seats in any one section I will let you know, until then please let ME know what you’d like.

I’m very excited about this trip, I hope you are too!!! This is an AMAZING show and I know EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU will just love the story and be glad you came along.

Group Order form sent out TODAY
Confirmation should be received in 7-10 business days
Ticket prices listed above, please tell me so I can mark it down
Bus $23 per person

As always, Questions, Comments and Concerns can be directed to me by emailing me at princessaiy@myway.com or by calling me 805-459-0247

Thank you, and this concludes your WICKED UPDATE 2/28/05

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  1. haven’t checked email in FOREVER
    so i don’t know where i stand or where you need me to stand on this whole reservations thing yet.
    therefore, i will call you soon but since i was in the lj neighborhood, i thought i’d stop by and say

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