Things I remember, part I

I feel like I have much to say but can’t seem to locate the notebook I carry with all my notes in it. 

I had a hand held mic, and a mic box strapped to my left leg with a cord the trailed up my front beneath my dress and clipped to the front lip of the chest of my dress for the camera crew.  I am the Reverend Aiyani Mersai.  “Do you?, Do you? good you’re married kiss her” ….it didn’t go quite like that.  I remember arriving to Madonna Inn by my “call time” of 10:30 and hanging out with Vicki and Kevin.  I remember when people started showing up I figured I should change my clothes and so did Kevin.  Well instead of hiking down and up the stairs we shared the bathroom on the regular level made for the handicapped.  It was large enough for both of us to change, and we’ve done shows together – so we all know that its not a big deal.  Then, I had to pee.  And so did Kevin.  The suggestion was he hold my dress and look the other way, then I hold the dress and look the other way.  That may be tmi but quite frankly I’ve known Kevin more than half my life and when you gotta go at least you’re around a friend and not stuck in a room with a stranger.  After laughing and changing we walked out and I was in leopard print slippers and a bergundy dress my mommie made for me for the wedding.  At 10 minutes to “showtime” the beautiful bride made her way upstairs for her grand entrance and a call for places was made with wannabe signlanguage between myself and brighteyes and kevin and vicki.  I remember being SO glad I was allowed to have my “script” with me because Lord knows I didn’t want to miss ONE thing for these two wonderful people.  The belly dancing was a hit, Kevin was a hit singing “The Reason” by Hoobastank, and I sang “A new Life” from the Broadway Musical Jekyll and Hyde.  Then the ceremony began.  I don’t remember stuttering, but I think at one point my dislexia kicked in – I only hoped it was unnoticeable.  I remeber being fine until Loke was crying a little during her vows.  As soon as she looked at the Seargent and said “my hero” my eyes swelled with tears and I had to fight them back.  I remember looking at the Sgt and saying with a tear driven cracky voice “do you james richard fletcher….”then pausing and taking a breath and thinking to myself “be CLEAR, be strong, don’t cry yet” as I let out the breath I felt comfortable again and finished saying “do you take this beautiful women to be your wife, to have and to hold forever?”  I remember seeing the ring he put on Loke’s finger and being concious of my eyes widening TOO big with a “HELLO GORGEOUS” exuding from my facial expression alone.  I remember both the bride and groom kinda fighting to get the rings on.  Knowing they fit and probably just a little shaky, and when does someone else EVER put YOUR ring on FOR you, they both succeeded but there was always a pause, a moment to get it right then a relief of “got it!!”  and the audience was of course a part of the relief when they both had rings on.  I remember the music of Celine Dion coming on and saying my last line and looking at the two of them and almost losing again, but not and saying “by the power vested in ME, I JOYFULLY pronounce you…husband and wife – YOU may kiss the bride” and he did and the crowd LOVED it.  I remember the groomsmen leaving with the brides maid and standing by for the bride and groom to exit before my final two cents “and they lived happily ever after” and then I spun the mic as I often do at the dunes, grabbed my “script” (that was neatly and beautifully put together into a binder by My Michael) closed it and nodded once and turned to stand in the back with Kevin.  After a few moments, I remember telling everyone thank you for being there and where to go for the reception.  Then, after the last person left I was ready to make my way to the restroom to change my clothes again the camera crew that was following Loke for the past couple weeks came up to me and said – we need to get better shots of you, can you do all your lines again?  So as professional as I could and as precise as I could repeat myself, when I looked up – who I looked at when I said whatever and where I placed an emphasis on certain words – I stood in the empty room at the Madonnna Inn and did all my lines again with a camera 1 foot to 6 feet away from me.  I told them they were lucky I had dealt with cameras before, and I wasn’t scared.  A couple of takes later with certain moments and monologues of Aiyani later, we were finished and Kevin needed his mic for the reception stat! and I needed to change and eat – I was starving. 

I the theme to Austin Powers playing when Mr. and Mrs. James Richard Fletcher entered the room.  I remember eating salad and then salmon then 2 different pieces of cake.  I remember being the first to grab a CD that was provided by the mr. & mrs (music from their wedding and songs that meant something to them) and borrowing a sharpie from one of the crew members and getting the bride and groom to sign it.  I also remember people copying me – I start trends, what can I say (chuckles)

I remember people taking turns to give their cheers and their good wishes to them and I (unfortunately) remember a certain someone, who shall remain nameless because we dont’ want to give unwelcomed credit, being a bit unclassy and random when she made a r comment with a mic in her hand for all to hear…..  some things you can’t change or take back, but for Loke and Jim – I almost want to apologize for her, because it may have been a small silly comment – but was completely unnecessary and we all knew it. 

I remember Sgt making the announcement to get goin’!  and for everyone to be at Sunset Dunes by 9pm.  I took a nap then changed (again) touched up my makeup, put on my Charlies Angels top (Emerald Moon year 3) made by Randall Sumabat and I remember the crowd at the bar, the drunks the partiers the singers and I remember Sgt Fletcher dancing with Aaron Elvin – another gentleman in uniform.  I tell ya, if we got on the internet THAT woulda had ALL kinds of comments.  But what it comes down to is a friendship. 

I remember standing outside after taking off my boots and socks, as suggested by Brighteyes, and making my way over to the sgt who had stepped away from the crowd for a moment.  I remember our talk and I remember both of us crying a little – tears of joy and absolute love for friends that would always support eachother and be there for eachother.  Tears of absolute content with a new life, new friends and a hug to the new future.  I remember him saying how cool it will be when he points me out in a movie to their kids and says “that’s auntie aiyani, that’s the girl who married mommie and me” and I told him I’d just laugh with them, while sitting on their couch and say “pass the popcorn” 

I remember drinking alot but loving every second of it.  I remember dancine with Loke to Nahnnah’s version of All that Jazz and I remember Nahnnah and I dancing to Loke singing Cabaret and I remember the crowd forming a semi circle around me when I sang Defying Gravity.  I remember Judy, Loke’s mom, dancing and loving how cute she was, how cute she is. 

Then it was sunday.  And I’ll leave those memories for part II.

The preview:  Tears because of my brother on a Sunday, into Tech Week.

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