Things I know

I’m approaching week 5 training with Bear.  That is “Randy Bear” and I can’t say I’m pleased with myself, but he says I’m doing great.  He’s already increased weight and reps and less time between sets.  So lets say in the beginning I was squating (ish) 2 sets of 15 squats with 60 lbs.  And as of last week I THINK it was 3 or 4 sets of 20 squats with 75 or 85 pounds.  I don’t remember. Maybe less maybe more – dont’ know.

I know that my legs are MUCH stronger than my so called upper body and tuesdays are lower body days.  I know after I can’t walk without looking like jello and I can’t move very well for the next couple of days either.  I know I have the weakest upper body EVERY and we are working on Muscle Strength for upper body and muscle endurance  for lower body.

I know I hate warming up on that bike!!!! but I’m not allowed to say “I hate” or “I can’t” when I’m there.  If I dont’ like it I say “I love ____” ie “I love this bike” 

I know that when I have to sit in a squat position, just sit – no weights for like 15 – 30 seconds I recite my oscar speech in my head, I know that when I’m doing legs I sing Defying Gravity or Home Life by John Mayer.  I know that I need to find a good song to keep in mind during upper body.  Defying Gravity doesn’t seem to keep me as focused when I attempt upper body. 

I know that soon the tax company will be over and I’ll need another job STAT or MANY more hours at the green apron to keep working out with Bear, which i REALLY want to do.  Hopefully I can increase my time with him to 3 or 4 times a week.  Again, mula is an issue, not a huge one – yet.  But it does exist. 

On a completely different note. 

I know I never posted my NY trip from December, I know it’s because I never finished writing it – and I know all the notes are right next to my computer waiting for attention.  I know I got a cute card and a couple pics from mahroomah for Easter, I know we don’t get the barn (Big frown) when she and david come home, and I know I’m looking for an apt for them, and a house for Nahnnah and Pete and the puppy.

I also know in 13 shopping days I’ll be closer to 30 than I am 20.  I know it’s not a big deal, it’s still wierd.  No I’m not freakin’ out or anything just sometimes go “huh….I wanted to be more successful by now”  What I want for my birthday you ask???……..

New Make up Brushes
Gift Cert for “Faces” on Osos street
Gift Cert for Trader Joes
Gift Cert for Payless SHOES!! – all though i don’t have anymore room for shoes
The Incredibles on DVD; Widescreen
Austin Powers Trilogy on DVD; Widescreen
View from the Top (with Gwyneth Paltrow) on DVD; Widescreen
New Lip colors and lip liners to match!
Film – like for my 35mm camera, I like Fuji over Kodak.  I know – I’m the only one left with out a Digital Camera, so how bout the film OR a digital camera. lol
John Mayer “As-Is” series
To Record my songs SOMEWHERE that doesn’t cost both my arms and a leg and is still professional
Sport Bra that REALLY holds the 38DD’s/40D’s in place – those are no less than $40 I’ve seen, so I’ll probably find some eventually.
$ to work out with Bear

Things I use:

Purpose Face Soap – the pump one, not the bar
Friz Ease hair products
Oil of Olay Sensitive – face lotion
Body Lotions
Contact Solution
Venus 3 razors

I’m tired, I’m going to bed now.  Goodnight neverland. 

ps. sweetpea – i received your fed-ex, sorry i didn’t call ya back.

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  1. upper body music…
    how bout Deliver me…..

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