Calling for Movers – from SLO to Nipomo

Hello all.

The Background story
As most of you may know mahroomah (Kaza Kahn) will be moving back to SLOville in June/July ish. Unfortunately she (we) does not get to move back into the barn. (HUGE FROWN) And the landlord gave her notice for the rest of her things she stored there while 2 of her friends are occupying the barn. Stuff needs to be out by the end of May. I have spoken with Nipomo Self Storage (where I currently rent a 5×10 space) and they will hold a 10×10 and a 10×18 for me to look at and commit to so kaza and I can share the space. Her sister, Terri might also be storing some of her wedding gifts in there as well – I need to look at everything.

The Quest
I’m looking for people who might be able to help move stuff from the barn and from gramma barbs house (kaza’s mommies house) to Nipomo. Trucks would be helpful HOWEVER, even if you don’t have a truck, even if you can only make ONE trip – it would help SO much.

The move date is yet to be determined. AND this doesn’t all have to happen in ONE day, it can be a couple or even a few different days so long as everything is IN storage by the end of May.

Please respond if this is something you might be able to help with and when time and dates get closer I will contact you.

Thank you SO much for you help and I hope all is well in your world

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  1. Count us in…we have room in Carmina, our beautiful Mitsubishi Montero Sport.

  2. Damn! She beat me to it. Dates tend to fill up fast though, so the faster you choose a date the higher the chance well be able to go.

  3. Have truck and VW mini bus…..avalible fridays and sundays….

  4. uh….
    you are all UH-MAZING

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