a couple weeks ago.

ok, i may be CRAZY and Insane. I know I know I know.  and I know my obsession in some places in the world could seriously put me in the nuthouse – but you all know me well enough to know…………..how crazy about John Mayer I am

BUT, in the 4th dream that I’ve EVER had about him – I saw the engagement ring.  I could describe it to you now and the wierdest coolest part was the gems surrounding the round diamond on a square bed were ones I didn’t recogize.  And after trying to figure out what they were (in real life, not my dream) and asking Miss Evelyn at work what the birthstone of october was and she said OPAL.  I ran home to meet with Peach (my computer) and looked up Opals and sure enough……..john’s birthstone surrounded mine on the engagement ring.  It’s sick I KNOW, I’m a geek I KNOW and my subconscious takes over me more ofthen than not – but hey.  Whatever makes ya happy right?


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  1. you’re not sick…..you’re just Yani 🙂
    and no one can ask any more of you than that…lol

  2. Gay
    Yep you’re definitely a fag now. Having MULTIPLE dreams – about the man of your dreams! I love it, but you should just admit to your heterosexuality and get it over with. YOU TORTURER!!

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