Why do I have to spend $80 to send in my Financial Aid Form?  Aren’t I ASKING FOR MONEY BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE ANY?? And yet I’m supposed to come up with $80 to hit SUBMIT on an application I just spend an hour filling out and maybe Im’ blind but NOT ONCE did it say this was gonna cost $80.

I’m fumed.  I’m poor.  I have $54 in my checking account.  I owe Bear $ tomorrow, I get paid from the tax company friday or monday and that’s my last pay check from them.  I have to send in my car payment in two weeks and yah – there’s the green apron check next friday i’ve worked like 5 days there in a month, my last check from the green apron was $45.  I hvaen’t payed my gym membership and I’m cranky now.

I’m still fumed, I’m still poor and nothing will change unless I get ANOTHER job in an office somewhere doing somethign I HATE just to make friggin ENDS MEET. 

why is this happening to ME?????

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  1. Money sucks! I want to set it on fire!
    For me, I just realized this morning that our car insurance was cancelled as of Sunday (fuck!) and there’s a million other annoying things about money and we have to move and lots of other bullshit.
    I hear your pain, and I wish I could give you some money, but I can’t because I’m poor too.

  2. I say
    Come to karaoke tonight and ask brad….not shawn….for a job.

  3. Ass Sucking
    That totally sucks ass yani. I can’t believe they don’t have an office of financial aid. They take care of all that for you in those offices, maybe you could check online? The government sites might not charge to apply for aid. I’m not sure, mine was free. That wasn’t meant to be a ‘rub it in’ thing, just saying. If it makes you feel any better, I was charged $34 for an overdraft of $6.

  4. what aid were you filling out that they made you pay 80 bucks for it? I’ve been filling it out for years without anyone asking me for money… that just doesn’t sound right…

  5. I’m with Antoan. True it was many years ago but I was also getting aid when I went to PCPA and I don’t recall paying any fees. A fuck-load of online paperwork, yes, but no fees. Have you done the BOG waiver? The Pell Grant? I will call you sometime later and give you all the info I can remember. Good Luck!

  6. you should really file the FAFSA- that one for sure they do not charge you for. The $80 form for financial aid sounds like it is for private schools. This is the website for the FAFSA http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/
    Check in to the pell grant, CAL Grant and any other scholarships for reentry students.

  7. Hey – I owe you $$ but we keep missing each other! Any birthday plans yet? Maybe dinner on Sunday with a few of your favorite people? I am off at 5 on Sunday and Kevin has the night off!
    Will you play at skarioke this Saturday?

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