(sigh of relief) A triumph

Thank you to all of you who helped me find a place to fill out a Financial Aid application without paying for it.  That was SO random and dumb.  I’m glad I didn’t actually go fetch a credit card of some sort and pay $80 for it, that would’ve been REALLY lame.  So thank you – THANK YOU everyone for your help.  I’ve successfully applied, and now …..we wait.

AND….Attention those who said they’d help me move Kaza’s Shtuff from Ze Barn.  We no longer will need to move anything until June.  And THAT’s only a maybe as well.  Her stuff is safe until the beginning of June, then we’ll see if we need to move it somewhere.  As for a living situation I believe she and david and I have found the PERFECT place with a HUGE thanks to my Miguel and the lovely Rebekah.  If all goes as it seems to be all 3 of us might just move into a fab duplex in AG with SO many WONDERFUL features.  And….at THAT time may I call on you for help to move IN???? 

Hope so!!!  But the moving somewhere won’t be til July.  So if you’d be so kind to keep it in the back of your head that would be FantAStic. 

Today was the end day for the first 6 weeks working out with Bear.  Thursdays are harder, upper body is my weakest between upper and lower.  All my life I’ve had to have really strong legs and pretty much be able to either punch someone fast or wash my hair with my upper body.  Even in highschool I threw the shot and the disc and that was alot of lower body too.  SO – he makes me do more reps for lower body for muscle endurance and to lean out, and we do more strength training for upper body.  Needless to say, I feel like JELLO EVERY TIME I LEAVE THERE.  But I feel like I completed something and it’s good for me.

After all, God gave me this body – the least I can do is try to keep it healthy, I mean since asking for a different one in general hasn’t worked yet, I may as well try to alter the way this one looks a bit.  Hopefully he won’t weigh me, though I’m sure he will – and hopefully when he measures me next week I will have at least lost AN INCH….from ANYWHERE.  (sigh)

Time for bed.  Last day at the tax company tomorrow.

and 2, count that 2 shopping days til yours truly is closer to 30 than 20.  That’s right folks, this Sunday the princess passes her Mid twenties.  No, I dont’ have a big party planned.  Miguel and I are going to dinner sat night, then to Skarieokie.  Mommie wants to do lunch and dadda wants to take me to the Olive Garden.  So yay for that.

Ok ok ok ok okok ok ok ok ok ok – good night Neverland. 

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  1. boo hoo????
    No cryin’ about the “passing of the Mid-Twenties” thing dammit! Alright maybe I’ll let it slide if you and everyone else will just ignore me when Sept. rolls around and I start agonizing about it being the DEATHBED of my Twenties *shudder* Yah. 2005 is the Twenty-Niner for me THANK YOU now be quiet.
    Teasing aside, I am SO INCREDIBLY BUMMED that Jim and I are working this Saturday night!!!!! No b-day Skarieoke with the Birthday Princess *argh* I suck! Jim and I will have to make it up to you.

  2. yeah what loke said….
    cause I am closer to 40 than 20…..lol it’s been half a decade since i’ve seen my mid 20’s..lol

  3. Hey, happy birthday! I wish I could be there and bake a cake or some other yummy treat for you, but we’re going camping.
    Congratulations on making it through another year, and with all the work you’re doing with Bear, you’ll probably be way stronger and healthier by this time next year!

  4. Yesterday I pee’d for like, 5 minutes Straight…..
    Hello Spouse,
    Ya Know, whenever I am feeling frustrated, and for that fact happy-for any reason I think to myself-What would Madonna do? (WWMD) Probably write a pop song, and pose for pics in a book, then call that book sex!, So to celebrate the fact that you(and I in a few weeks) will be closer to 30 go ahead and do what Madge would do.
    Thank you, no that’ll be all..NO! That’ll be ALL, I’m FINE, THANKS!! BYE!

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