I second what JoelZero says and I say “Gmail anyone?”  I’ve had an account for a while, got it from my sister and yah – I don’t really use it,  I have other email accounts set up for other things and soon I’ll move into gmail like my real house.  But until then, I have 2108 free MG just sitting in my computer.  I dont’ know how many people you know, but if you’d like a gmail account you let me know, cause I have 50 to give out as well.

notes to self:
this birthday weekend (i’m still speechless)
the end of the tax co
more STGA
maybe PCPA, maybe not. . .
Working out
bla bla bla

Do you any of you get EXTEMELY dry skin when you are PMS?  I can’t seem to put enough face lotion on my face and it like, HURTS if I’m not lathered in face lotion.  But only during this certain time of the month.  Suggestions?  Or am I alone in this?….

see ya

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  1. On the PMS bit
    Definately! And I LOVE it when I get the flaky dry skin coupled with the only time I ever break out. The only way I can control mine is buying the Aveda skin care stuff I love soooooo much, but most of the time I am too poor. Let me know if you figure sumpin’ out…..oh, and I still need your mailing address. U can just texy me.

  2. Do you any of you get EXTEMELY dry skin when you are PMS?
    No, but once I got extremely dry and itchy skin when I swam at Sinsheimer Pool because they had put in too many chemicals. I used a moisturizing cleanser that I found at Food 4 Less, so I can’t remember what it’s called, but it felt like lotion and it rocked. So look for moisturizing cleansers. Oil of Olay, I think? Maybe?

  3. Madonna is my real mother
    Ya, I’m sad I couldn’t come for the birthday bash…there is no maybe for PCPA, so I’ll pretend I didn’t see that…if you need to inquire about this mistake please feel free to call for a lecture. When I get my periods I try to think really hard, and put myself “in the zone” as Britney Queers would say. I rub hot oil all over my body, and then do the dance of joy! It works, please stop rolling your eyes.
    I love u

  4. The cure for dry skin…
    Lots and lots of water!!

  5. Gmail me. Its free right? Free is the word for this day, the color as always is purple, and the number is 11.
    If only life could be like Sesme Street…..
    I miss your lost toy reports!

  6. i live in the sahara
    but really, it’s my manhattan apartment with uncontrolled heat. and it is TRAGIC for my skin. i agree….lots and lots of water….to drink. and one of my fav moisturizers is the neutrogena healthy defense. it’s a little pricey but really works for me. it’s not as watery as some of the other moisturizers. i know *we* use the olay complete on a more general basis but i feel like that doesn’t always do the trick. the neutrogena is a little heavier without feeling yucky heavy….yah know?
    my! you’ve created your own little advertising soundboard, haven’t you!?!

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