it has begun

For those of you who were interested. 

“Xtreme Fakeover” has begun to air.  The first episode will air monday 4/25/05 at 8pm, and it will stay on Mondays 8pm on the PAX channel.  There is no listing for what episode will play when.  I’ll check if I remember and let you know.  The episode I was on is entitled “Stage Dad” I think it was episode 9 but that doesn’t mean they’ll air it in the numerical order they taped it. 

I gotta get to the green apron now.  i’d rather be napping.

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  1. Yay for TIVO goodness *evil grin*, Can’t wait to see the make-up!! But alas I will have to wait for it… Will miss you this weekend but hope that you have fun on your adventure!

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