Ok, so following the advise of those pointing me in directions of financial aid and what not I called Hancock to see where I can apply for other scholarships and grants or what not.  They said when I applied online the….FAFSA…thing that also sent in an application for the Pell Grant (?) and a BOG…Grant.  I dont’ know what these are.  BUT, she said I was approved for BOG and my tuition will be paid for I will just need to purchase my parking permit, ID, and Books.  She said they don’t have any info for me about the Pell Grant, but if I’m approved for that as well they would send me 2 checks a semester for other school thingys – and that’s good!  And then she said for me to go into the office and they have a Scholarship board so I can write down websites or addresses or phone numbers to apply for more scholoarships. 

I’m feeling at little more at east because of this.  Not alot, but a bit more at ease.  Thank you missloo12 for pointing me in the financial direction MORE than once, you’ve been VERY helpful.  thank you to everyone who has told me to look for Scholarships and Grants, because – honestly I wouldn’t have known to do so.

And as for my weight Bear told me we’re going to do the Body Composition thingy tomorrow where he tells me the percentage of my body fat – FYI, it was “borderline high risk” at 34% in early march when I began.  I feel that it hasn’t changed.  he said SOMETHING has changed, and it will take time because my body has, quite frankly, never been lean.  I’ve always been strong and sort of pudgy so getting THOSE results will take more but we’re heading in the right direction.  He said my muscle endurance has increased massively which means my body is now prepared to do what Im’ asking it to do which is shed inches off.  But it will take more than 2 times a week.  I have to monitor my eating like NOTHING and make sure I am doing my cardio at the right heart level.  My “fat burning” heart level is between 130 and 150 beats a minute, and my “cardio” heart rate is between 155 and 180 ish.  Oddly enough I felt really good yesterday during my warm up where he checked my heart rate and it was 170 and I was TOTALLY fine and completely capable of having a conversation.  Where as before 145 I’d be panting and almost dizzy.  SO – all in all, SOMETHING is getting better.  My body is ready to take on more during my hour with him – i’m a little scared of that. lol, but at the same time I love that he kicks my ass.  The goal was and still is to see a different…ME see a difference by the end of summer.  After all – PG’s wedding is next year, and maybe a couple other couples will be walking down the isle and I dont’ want to look like THIS. so…………..AND it takes hard work to be Wonderwoman, and I know I can do it – I just have to focus.

Thank you all SO much for your encouragement with School, my weight, and my money issues.  I made a call today to Marie at uberspooky

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  1. I’ll call you if I get anymore wedding singer gigs 🙂

  2. Any time! 🙂 I think it’s my calling to be a counselor, i plan all my friends school careers too… lol

  3. Tossing around the idea of starting my own event planning biz with Uberspooky as a partner in crime. Can I add you to my list of private contractors as a Rev. & a Singer?

  4. In addition to singdolphin’s event planning biz, Mark Padgett still does ALOT of wedding planning and I’m sure would love to have you to refer to people for weddings and whatnot. If it’s cool I’ll pass on your # to him. Or give you his. Let me know. Oh, and just wait about the Pell grant thing….mine took a while to come in, but it eventually did.

  5. John…
    Hey girl…This is Kaza’s friend Joanne…Hopefully you remember me from doing best of the legends with her:) Anyways, I love reading both of your blogs and keeping up with whats going on. I just wanted to tell you that I always read about John Mayer on your thing, and…He works out at the gym I work in, so I always think about you when he comes in…so…hehehe..if you ever come and visit…I know where he is! Equinox on 19th and Broadway week night evenings!!! So maybe you can come meet and marry him!
    Anyways, Hope you are well and I really do like reading all your adventures!
    My email is Joanne_amato@hotmail.com if you want more John details!:)

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