for Jorelle

Just a reminder the silly episode of Xtreme Fakeover I was on will airtonight at 8pm in PAX.  See your local listings for what channel PAX is, here at my dadda’s ins AG, CA it’s Channel 7.  Also mind the time difference – or you other people not on PST.

i feel like such a geek – you probably won’t even see me. lol

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  1. We here at Camelot set our DVR to record it at 5pm today πŸ™‚
    If you end up liking it, we can make you a tape.

  2. I SAW it I SAW it!!!
    You were bee-yoo-tee-ful! I was like screaming (only to Jim and Maggie the Dawson Dog) “There she is ohmigod there she is!!” (yeah, who’s the geek here??). It WAS a silly show, but I really laughed at the end, that guy Robert was what made it so silly (oh and that awful sword dance ha ha)! Anyways, good job :))))

    I saw you, it was funny at times, the Dad must not have been Gay his whole life! You were awesome, The show was a 5 and you a 10, Great job. Loke was on the phone calling everyone, to remind them of your big prduction. O’h By the way LOVED the tap dancing. YOU ROCK.

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