The Return

Kaza and David will be in SLOville later tonight.  The stuff they brought with them will be stored at Kaza’s mom’s house and she still has stuff at the barn.  The new house wasn’t ready to take stuff over there, so I was unable to surprise her with that. 

However when the house IS ready to move stuff over to we dont’ want to have to rent a truck and we’ll need to get all their shtuff from Gramma Barbs house (kaza’s mommie) and the barn.  Lots of boxes, only some furniture. 

I’ll keep you posted, but it looks like next week sometime and anyone who can help I (we) would greatly appreciate it.

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  1. I have a truck if you need any help, i would be more than willing to…
    On a different note, i had a dream about you and your family last night. Lol it was interesting. You had a fiance…..

  2. Reminder: I work for a guy with a moving truck 🙂
    Its free but books up in advance. Best to call me at 528-0100 between 9am and 5pm if you think you may want it and know exact dates and times.

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