24 hour Garders (sp? i’m retarded)

My Summer colors being neon green and bright orange i decided I had to try to work that into my Pirate costume for the Castaways for Relay for Life.  Mission accomplished.  (read: i can’t believe how cute i looked…..”thank you romy and michele”).  A neon green  bandana ish thing, bright orange tanktop under a ripped and cut up black and white striped shirt, a black skirt and a green sash to hold my SWORD…coooool.  Best part, I found a pair of orane and black striped leggings at good will.  Allthough they were a size medium, I figured I’d just cut off the leg part and hold ’em up with my garder belt.  THEN I thought how FUN would it be if I sported the bottoms…..as bottoms underneath my skirt.  A genius idea I thought, but if only I had thought of it before actually taking he scissors to the legs.  the (clears throat) crotch of the briefs were down to the last seam holding together a total of 1 inch of fabric. Must wear undies underneath briefs.  So I did – I still looked fantastic, I still had fun, and yes – I wore boots; no not while I was walking my time on the track.

Myfavoritesister came to play with me too.  She dressed in fun pirate shtuff and took some peekchas I hope I see soon! and she walked the track with Dana and me at 2pm or an hour.  i just love my sister.

I took some snackies, $43.00 worth to be exact, isn’t it amazing how little you get when you buy junk, and how cheap healthy food is?  I mean I can get a donut for like $0.75 right?….ONE donut, but I can get 6 bananas for like $0.99.  That’s AWESOME. Maybe I’m just excited about looking forward to eating, and eating healthier lately.  Daaaaannna came to play and that was fun, allthough she went home to sleep instead of roughing out there with us, I think our talk the next morning convinced her to stay next year. 

I lathered on my SPF 30 constantly, I burn. I know some of you think I have this great “olive” skin and I must “tan beautifully” nah……..Nah!  I burn like my white mommie.  Just as well, i don’t want to look 50 when I’m 35 because I decided to fry my skin all through my twenties.  but I did fall asleep for about 45 minutes on a blanket outside and my skirt revealed a small part of my leg and now I have a triangle shaped tan line on my right upper thigh – it’s just silly. 

Lani, her Mike and I went through the (clears throat, again!) “colonoscopy.”  An interesting rendition of an opsticle course that required crawling through sharp plastic round tubes, getting bruises, Mike ended up bleeding! because of the unsafe contraption!, we had to eat veggies while running and the melon I had to grab and run with *I* either split or someone else did and melon juice decided to leak all down my right side.  We were the first to break a minute but were beat shortly there after by small skipper dolls who obvisoulsy walked away with no war wounds – at least us three looked like we battled out there!!!!!!!!!……..yah! so there!!!

I got sing “I will remember You” during the luminaria (sp? you’d think i’d get it right by now) ceremony.  It was dark and the only light I had was the screen that provided me the words.  And though i had them memorized it’s always comforting to look up and see that you indeed, are….right on.  My eyes were closed most of the time and someone made a comment about how I move my hands or my body when i sing – i dont’ know if thats bad or not, whatever – but the best part was when it was done the Castaways, my fellow teammates, were all standing around me and all hugging me telling me how well I did and saying Thank you.  When really, Thank you – to YOU guys.  I wouldn’t be apart of somethign like this if I didnt’ believe in it, or the people that I’d be with.  It’s just a good time to bond and be apart of something bigger than me, bigger than us.  Your hugs and kind words are the reason i do most things in my life, thank you for who you are, and who I am because of you and you’re support. 

I had my phone off most of the weekend, I’d turn it on every once in a while to see if I was needed – and pretty much no. lol.  No i wasn’t needed, my friends that called all said it was cool what I was doing and call them whenever I had a chance just to chat.  I spoke to Ethan a couple times, he finally heard me burp too for the first time – he’d been waitin’ for that moment! hahahahaha.  We didn’t speak long, but I remember him asking if I had to work sunday and would I be tired from Relay.  The answer was no, no work sunday monday or tuesday!  His response was “you should come back to new york for a couple days then.”  I just laughed, I guess he did too.  Yah, sure – I’ll go because I’m rich! and have tons of vacation time just waiting to be used.  No, I just told him we’d talk about that. 

I started watching the movie, the um. something-something and the something of unfortuante events, with Jim Carey.  Logan was my movie buddy, thank you for that – and Ro came to play for a bit after her rehearsal.  But it did get quite chilly even though by that point I had on my turtleneck under my tanktop, and a jack and gloves and a beanie, and pants instead of my skirt. i was also FINALLY exhausted.  I went to sleep in the tent for like …2 1/2 3 hours then was woken up by hearing someone asking where I was because I had to walk in 15 minutes.  So I stirred, got up to go use the restroom then took to the track by 4am.  Sergio came to relieve Michael at 4:30am and shortly after relieving Michael he sent me to bed too.  I don’t really remember what I even said, it was worse than being drunk I was just SOOO tired and deliriusly dumb at that point (mostly from the sun I imagine)  he gave me a hug and said as a friend he was taking care of me by sending me back to sleep and that he could handle walking by himself.  I’m sure I murmured somethign about not walking alone, but one small shove in the direction of the tent convinced me i couldn’t walk much more than TO that tent.  So Sergio…thank you for that (and for playing last night!  yummy beverage? and LOVED Cowboy and Prince – you’re fun!)

I”m sure I got maybe 1-2 hours of sleep before I heard Kevin start playing music to make us stir and start waking up.  By about 7am we were all up looking for coffee, something to eat and started packing up our stuff.  I realized of course at that point my garder belt was still on holding up my leggings and my briefs and undies were all knotted up and my sword was still attached to me.  That was funny.  But hey – i was never really uncomfortable so I’m not complaining, just stating. (winks)

  The awards were given out.  The Castaways got most creative campsite, most spirited and it was really cool when Brighteyes won the skarieokie thing when you had to change the words to a song.  It was AWESOME, Brighteyes – you so totally rock the casbah. 

All in all – well done to the Castaways, I know I didn’t participate as much as I should’ve this year but *I* am a work in progress and am learning too and look forward to next years adventures.  Everyone looked great in their costumes…….GREAT.

Well done to Kevin for being the DJ and God that he is, AND for holding Sara’s snake – woah.  you had to be there.  Hello to the “Central Perk, friend for life” crew -thanks for hanging out and playing,  thanks to Joel for telling me if I ate those red liquorish yummies I’d get FATTER……..yah – thanks for that.  Miguel thanks for the tent use, complete with storage space and Daaaaana for the airmattress, even though you left.  Vickie and Kevin for the hot dog.

See you all soon and later, I imagine.

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  1. Thank YOU for yelling “Castaways!” whenever our teammates walked by. You contributed in your way, like we all did, and it rocked.
    Now, I keep thinking of all the little signs that were on the side of the track, encouraging us to eat our fruits and vegetables. I’m trying, I swear.

  2. we got hot dogs for ya anytime lol!

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