to brief you

2 years from today I’m supposed to get married.  No – I dont’ know to whom.  John Mayer is,of course, still in the running.  Someone who is not in the states right now often floats in my mind, other than that no one.  No body.  And those ofyou who keep asking about Ethan, you’re adorabe and funny but lets remember he’s on the EAST coast and I’m not moving soon, and neither is he.  We talk on the phone and text eachother like everyday but I think I’m just that girl in CA, and neither one of us know when the other may visit – its just something that floats about but doesn’t really get talked about.

And also I’d like to add, even though I try not to put certain things on here but your emails with questions and concerns can be answered with this.
(clears throat)

No, I’m not dating Michael anymore.  Haven’t for a while now.  Yes we are still friends and we even still hang out and its not wierd being around our mutual friends, most of the time.  We get along just fine and we’re both moving on.

Hope that helps.

I have kind of long day tomorrow so I’m gonna get off to bed.  I’d like to leave with a question I’d like for YOU to answer. . . when was the last time you looked at someone and it gave you butterflies in your tummy?

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  1. Butterflies in tummy
    January 2005. I was kissed on the snowy streets of NYC and it made me weak in the knees. That was definitley a butterflies moment.
    Have fun with girls night tommorrow. You get my comps to Shakespeare, just tell me when 🙂

  2. Amy does this great dance move. I saw it first at the Strawberry Festival. Damn, its hot!

  3. I know it’s dorky, but…
    when I’m driving home from work to see Chad. You’d think that after two years of marriage, butterflies would be obsolete, but I drive home, I think of him, of that hello kiss and whamo! butterflies take up residence!

  4. butterflies
    A couple of days ago with Pete…

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