The Long Version

The drink list is at the end.

Saturday I woke up at 8:30am to get to KC (Kennedy Club) to work in the daycare dept for a couple of hours.  Eleven am came quickly, that was nice and I was out of there to take a couple things to the new house.  Currently called “The Pacific Pointe Palace.”  Shortly after I was on my way SLO to pick up Ro and she and I were off to Atascadero for an afternoon with Dave n Alice. 

100 Degrees, and thank God for air conditioning we chatted and began to drink around 12:30pm. They took out all the alcohol they had and GOOD LORD pretty much whatever you can think of, they had.  Anything and everything, their crazy. . . but that’s FUN.  After the first round we decided we’d need food for the day.  This was the Eddie Izzard Marathon we had planned WEEKS ago.  A part of me can’t believe we actually planned an event and stuck to it.  It was REALLY fun.  We went to Vons got some yummy munchies and David picked up more alcohol one in particular because it had a pretty bottle.  hahaha

We went back to the house got more drinkies and got set to watch “Dress to Kill”, their first impression of Eddie had to be the BEST. It was AWESOME.  I hadn’t even seen it in a while we were eating Turkey – yah TURKEY hahahaa, having drinks eatin’ chip n dip (THE FAVORITE chez dip I take to EVERY party) Then we went out, they wanted to have a smoke break and we all chatted about the house, about Eddie and about how much more we’d drink. 

Back in the house we were preparing for “Circle” when the TV decided to hiccup then not work.  A part of me dies when a 57″ television set just doesn’t work.  So Dave n Alice fiddled with it for a bit then decided we were gonna go look for televisions to buy.  lol – apparently this was the 4th time this had happened and they were OVER IT, as I would be I’m sure. 

Ro and I walked into the HUGE-TV store.  (that means the tv’s were huge, not the store) and the first thing we did was appreciate the A/C then sit in the chairs that reminded us of Joey n Chandlers place on FRIENDS.  We decided I’d be Chandler and she’d be Joey.  I sat down and said “could these televisions BE any larger?” then Ro said “hey, where’s the duck and the chicken” (or did she say hen? what animals were they?  whatever they were, that’s what she said)  Then we laughed and tootled about looking at more things while dave n alice spoke to the sales guy.  Turns out even if they did purchase a TV that day they wouldn’t be able to get it til monday, so we left and went back home.  They put the dvd player in their room and we all curled up, with more drinks to wach Circle.  But then, THAT dvd hiccuped and so we decided against that one and put in GLORIOUS.  Not quite as funny as Dress to Kill, but of course – it’s Eddie, so of course its funny.  All of a sudden we heard the front door slam and their bedroom door popped open shortly after.  It was their friend Jason. 

I had met Jason a few years ago when Ro n Matty, n Steve, n Dave n Alice all lived together (did sir charlemagne live there too? or amI on crack Ro?) He was from out of town and I didn’t know many people so we sort of babysat eachother all night.  That was also the night I was DRAGGED to see Rocky for the second time.  – I know there’s people out there that love it, I’m sorry if I offend you.  It’s just not for me, at all – so I was dragged to see that but fell asleep on Jason’s shoulder.  I hadn’t seen him since then so it took me a moment to remember why I knew him, but I figured it out just fine.

Anyways he had driven 180 miles apparently just to hang out and be part of the Eddie Izzard Marathon.  Instead though, we paused Eddie and went to play a game and well, DRINK!  We played Cranium.  I had never played, it’s REALLY REALLY FUN.  I got to play on both teams to make it even since now there were 5 of us.  And so of course MY team won!!  Well Dave n Alice and I won, but just barely beating Jason n Ro….n I.  Highlights of the game include when I made a golf course out of clay, guessed when Ro had to do charades and get Jason n I to say “Rainbow” and when David had to draw a tennis racked blindfolded.  After that we chatted more, drank more then decided on playing LIFE.  Anyone remember that game?  I hadn’t played it in YEARS.  Used to play it alot with myfavoritesister.  Highlights of THAT game were when I got to switch salary’s with Ro so my $20,000 pay days became $100,000, Watching Alice pay money for every Godforsaken thing on the planet and I never actually had to.  A mere $5,000 here or there I think the most expensive thing I payed for were my kids to go to college, but hello?! with MY salary it was NOTHING.  The keeno music in the background was also lovely.  We had, of course – JOHN (just one CD in the 5 changer) The Police, the Go-Go’s, Soundtrack to the Last Unicorn , Sinead O’Connor (no Kevin not THAT song on this CD)

Then we decided to drink and play “I never. . . ” a drinking game I had actually never played.  So the object was to say something you never did, honestly, and if others DID do it they had to drink.  If no one else did it either, *I* had to drink.  That never happened though.  I always got SOMEONE.  hahahaha  With my boring styles of “I’ve never read a book more than 600 pages in length.”

It got late.  We all went in the bedroom to watch “Unrepeatable” but instead they got out the Tarot Cards.  Now, I don’t necessarily believe in, or not believe in these kinds of cards but I don’t think I’d ever pay for a reading or go to a fortune teller.  My impressions were always that they seemed harmless but alot of people tell me that it’s demonic and it conjurs these bad spirits and stuff.  I shrugged, for the time being, and let Ro do a reading.  Then Dave did one, and for someone who doesn’t really believe in this stuff, it upset me.  Maybe it was a combination of all the drinks I’d had and the late night – but it upset me, so I went outside for a bit for some air.  I went back in and dave just kept telling me he was sorry about a bad reading and I just said to let it go its just a silly thing.  so he did another one (all these times I have a different question in mind that supposed to be guiding the cards to an answer, if you will ) and this one was nicer and it had nothing to do with the last one so he was glad it read nicer as well.  Before calling it a night Ro did one more for me, also a different subject and it read . .. well .. I was content with it, how bout that. 

Jason went to crash on the couch.  I remember laying down across the bed, Alice had fallen asleep and david just asked why I chose to hide my feelings.  And it seemed so out of place and so silly and absurd I laughed at first and then he started giving Ro and backrub and I began to tear up.  And again, maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was past the late night in early morning – thing, maybe it was the readings that I don’t really believe in but decided to give in a bit, but………he was right.  He was right, and he asked me out of no where.  I just began to cry and I just started talking. 

And i don’t necessarily feel comfortable writing it all out here.  It was very hard for me to talk about it at all.  But it also felt good to say it outloud.  It felt good to say certain things with my voice and not just my head and not have anyone there that would try to disect it, or stop it or have  a better story to tell.  It was just me.  My eyes fixed on the ceiling and one of them holding my hand at all times a rush of words and heartache just flowed out of me.  By the end I wasn’t the only one in tears.  By the end I told David I wouldnt’ be able to see him for awhile.  It bothered me, somehow, to reveal that much to someone – enough to where I didn’t want them to see me, because I knew that they knew about me and what I think about and what I feel.  But I guess we’ll just see. 

Soon it was 6am, the sun had begun to come out and my eyes almost swollen shut from the tears were ready to call it a night.  Ro and I took to rest in the guest bedroom for a few hours.

10:30 am rolled around and I woke up.  Ro woke up around 10:45 and then we went and crawled on Alice n Dave around 11am.  After cleaning up the mess from the night before Dave n Alice made us all breakfast and we all chatted more.  It was so lovely, but my eyes hurt SO much.  They hurt to be open, they hurt to close them, they hurt to blink stare and they even hurt when they teared up – they were so dry.

Ro and I left around 1pm and we talked a bit more about life and I dropped her off at home and went to lay down at my dadda’s house.  An hour past and I had to get ready for a wedding reception – so I got up took a shower and went – I came home around 8pm and by 8:30pm was asleep.  Safe in my bed, no hangover from the night before and didnt’ need to get up for 12 hours.

And I didn’t.  I slept all 12 hours then got up to STGA at 9am ,then went to the gym today.  I moved some stuff over to the new house – the palace and tomorrow will take more stuff over.

Long, short – fun weekend.

And now for the drink list – keep in mind all drinks were in a Pint Glass with only 4-6 ice cubes in it.

2 Malibu Rum n Coke
2 Midori, Triplesec n 7up
1 Ro Creation (I have no idea what was in it, Vodka, watermelon pucker and somethign else)
1 Vanilla Vodka, Creme de Cacao, Baileys n Soymilk (actually QUITE good)
2 Silver Spice Rum n Coke
1 Jaeger, Peach Schnaaps, watermelon pucker n 7Up
3 Jaeger blasters
1 Silver Spice Rum, Watermelon pucker n 7Up

Long day ahead of me tomorrow – so off to bed I should be.

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  1. Saturday I woke up at 8:30am to get to KC (Kennedy Club) to work in the daycare dept for a couple of hours.
    So how do I sign up for this? I remember you mentioning about it…
    …or have a better story to tell.
    I have become more aware of the “here’s my better story” thing that is so prevalent in our society and have been trying to not do that anymore. Doing that is not empathetic or helping the other person at all when they just want to say what they’re going to say. You have reminded me to keep on trying to just listen instead of think what I’m going to say next. Thank you.
    And now for the drink list
    Your drinks sound yummy! The Jaeger, Peach Schnapps, Watermelon Pucker n 7Up thing sounds good. I have also had this drink, which is good: Diet 7Up and Watermelon Pucker…the Watermelon Pucker is so sweet that the dietness of the Diet 7Up balances it out.

  2. Chaz moved into the peach house accross the street with Matt and I after we moved out of that house….but he was there alot.
    Thanks for good times.
    So grab the chair, the mouse, the cat and the monkey – we need a roadtrip before summer’s end.
    Le singe est en le branches….

  3. Drinks
    Good Lord Woman! I’m suprised you were still walking! 😀
    I’m glad you had a chance to get stuff off your chest. (And I’m not talking tigol bitties.) I think you really needed it. (Obviously.) I could sense at the wine and bitch that there were things that were waiting to pour out…you just needed the time and place.
    Let’s get together (yeah yeah yeah) for coffee/tea/lunch sometime soon. I get released from prison every day for an hour. Exact hour flexible. Let me know and we’ll doo launch. (That was my attempt at a New Yawk accent.)

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