um real quick

I live at the new house with Kaza n David now – for probably a year, til they get married then I’ll probably move out from there and they might too – who knows.

Everything BUT Peach (my computer) is at the new house.  The new house being The Palace @ Pacific Pointe ( is what kaza dubbed it, we’re all currently ok with that).  But because Peach is not at the new house I’m not online very much.  I have much to read in your LJ’s and emails are …interesting.  Call me if you actually NEED me k? ok.

The Wicked group I arranged went yesterday – awesome, I was green ….literally.  my face, neck chest and arms were green and I wore a hate and carried a prop broom with me.  People took pictures, taped me on their video cameras and small children wanted their picture with me. 

PCPA starts August 16th, no I don’t think I’m ready and I’m not sure how excited or not I am.  I’ll let you know once we’ve begun how it actually feels. 

The gym has been going well except the past 2 weeks which flew by with moving and preparing for Wicked.  But I will be back on track by tomorrow – I’m not worried.  I AM getting stronger and have lost between 21 and 25 pounds since march.  Bra size successfully down to at 36/38DD versus a very full 40D.  Jeans are back to a 14/16 instead of. well 18’s barely fit and I didn’t DARE actualy BUY anything bigger.  I’d rather just die – at least that’s how it felt.  So really – I’m back to my “normal” self, and here is where it will get hard because my bodies never been lean or “better” than where it is now.  Well not since I was 16 in Track and Dance and karate – but that time period doesn’t count.  I mean in my twenties as a young adult.

I need to get my hair cut, hopefully in the next couple weeks and I need to order some contacts. 

I was approved for some financial aid, the BOG and the Pell Grant – but I will still need to get a loan. 

um…what else? oh yah.  Ethan will be in La La land this wednesday for a week ish – he MIGHT drive up here to see me and I don’t really want to drive down there – combination of factors really.  So there’s that.

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