We’ve received the stuff at the new house for DSL so I can move Peach from dadda’s house to the palace@pacificpointe but it won’t be “up” til tuesday – ish.  Lets just see how technically inclined I am.  After all I’ve taken it all apart and moved it before haven’t I??? I can do it again!!!!!

So SOON I’ll a be here to read things about your life, and you can read mine – and I’ll post about thursdays visit.  I know some of you want to know, and some of you missed out.  Your teaser:

“I booked a flight into L.A to visit some friends there, don’t you live close to there?” he said
“Well it’s like a 3 hour drive, but yah” I replied
“Well, maybe I’ll just have to rent a car and drive up there to see you.” he suggested
“hmm hmm hmm. . . OK!” I giggled.

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  1. ….and he did 🙂

  2. BOYZ, sometimes a girl just needs one….
    (In a french accent)…
    Fly me to za moon, and let me play amongst the staaz..something, something something…on jupiter and maaz..in other words, hold my hand, in other words, daaling kiss me.

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