Girlfriend for the Day

He called me around 12:30 to tell me he was on his way and would call when he got closer.  I was in the middle of unpacking (still) some pictures and selecting frames to keep and frames to get rid of but really I was starting to get nervous.  He called by Los Olivos, then again when he saw “Arroyo Grande next 4 exits” and I stayed on the phone with him til he turned the corner at Pacific Pointe Way.

He arrived around 3:35, and I was wearing a bright orange shirt and my new favorite jeans (yes nahnnah n Ro, then ones that make me look like I’ve lost weight) He got out smiling and hugged me right away.  Then we went inside had some juice and brushetta (sp? sorry) then instead of going away right away he said maybe we could just sit and watch a movie and selected “Finding Nemo.”  He’d never seen it and I was EXSTATIC that he chose that one.  (I know, I’m surprised he lasted this long in my life without seeing it too)  It was fantastic and fun to watch it. Always fun to introduce someone to it and I did my best not to quote the whole movie.

Then it was tour time.  Welcome to AG, now we’re going to Pismo Beach – he wanted to do so.  We briefly walking on the so called strip (Pomeroy) and down the pier.  We talked about surfing and living by the ocean and the weather.  Oddly enough, yes – we spoke about the weather.  But it was really great just to see him standing next to me, holding my hand, rubbing my neck playing with my hair wrappying his arms around me . . le sigh.  It was a nice change that someone would come visit ME.  And allthough he has other friends he  is visiting in CaliFORNIA he rented a car in La La land and drove up to see me for the day.  After Pismo we went to Farmers Market in SLOville.  A place I have not gone to in a VERY long time.  It’s just not my bag, my thing.  Farmers market is lots of food and people – I don’t buy fruit there or jewelry or register to vote or sign up for cruises or anything or talk to people about God.  I heard someone call out my name and saw Zac and Jax and TYLER!!! I haven’t seen him since the last time he was here and I dont’ hang out with that crowd as often as I used to so I miss out on alot.  BUT there he was and I jumped on him and he caught me and he’s the only one I’ve ever jumped on ON purpose AND he didn’t fall OVER (cause I weigh a metric ton. . . ish) We all said hi did the mini intro and were on our way.

side note:
Tyler – breakfast soon!

We walked around a bit more than decided just to walk over to Yanagi’s by the Scolaris, did I mention we parked by Tortilla Flats? YAH.  So we walked and that was fine and we had three rolls.  We had. . . the Crunch Roll (our favorite) Golden California Roll and the Rainbow roll.  All very VERY good.  Then we walked back over to the car and he always either had his arm around me, or up on my shoulders or was holding my hand.  It was cute and it made me feel kinda giddy.  We got back to the car and we drove home to get my camera so I could take pictures of Nahnnah’s return and we layed down on the couch for a bit to allow some digest time.  He kind of curled up around my legs and my stomach and I reached for my camer to take  a picture of it.  All that came out though was his smiling face looking up over at me.  Totally cute – bleh. I then said we needed to get going so we did.

Harry’s is always scary for me and when we got out of the car I said I hope they’re here I dont’ like being here alone.  He replied “I’m here” and I laughed and said “awww, I know and that’s sweet but you know what I mean” and he said “yah, I guess I do.”  I like that he humors me like that.  We got there and everyone was there hugs all around and intros.  I leaned over and hugged nahnnah n pete n b.e. and sara and gave them the “oh my god he’s here” look then said in their ears “THAT is Ethan, the New York boy” Then i gathered myself and calmed my butterflies turning back to him and pointed everyone out and introduced him aswell.  Then I gave him the money and my keys because they made my pockets all wierd and he went to buy us drinks.  What a nice boy.  Then we visited and drank and I sang Forgiven for Nahnnah and he had his hand on my leg or around my chair and again – just that fun girlfriend feeling.  At one point it was fairly hot indoors so Ethan and I went outside and he made fun of me for being all sweaty and I said SO! but I smell spring fresh and we both laughed.  He always stood close and wanted to have his arms around me and I liked leaning up against him and puting my head on his chest or shoulders.

Around 11:30pm we left I had to stga the next morning at like 8:30am and he had to be on his way by then of course.  So we went home and I told him I was gonna take a shower and he’s like you dont’ have to do that for me, I just laughed and said I’m doing it for ME.  *I* was all sweaty and hot and I can’t STAND going to bed like that.  Even if you weren’t here I’d be taking a shower right now.  He just said “oh” and we both laughed again.  I started him on Monster Inc – he’d neve seen that either. and then I got in my jammies and he curled up next to me while we watched the movie.  There was probably 30 minutes left of the movie and I just couldn’t stay awake and neither could he.  So I turned off the movie and the lights and the TV and he wrapped himself around me, kissed me a pretty kiss goodnight and we went to sleep.  A few times during the night I remember him changing positions but always had an arm around me (still, i know and puke but SO cute) or something.  It was comfortable.

8am friday morning fell in and I wrapped my robe around my jammies and walked him down stairs and to his car and he gave me a sweet kiss and a long hug.  I dont’ remember how long we stood there but not an average hug goodbye.  It was a combination of It was nice to see you, don’t know when I’ll ever see you again, thanks for driving up here and playing boyfriend for the day and all those silly things like I kind of don’t want to let go, maybe if I just keep my eyes closed but he was adorable.  And a couple times when I did move to step out of the hug, he didn’t let me.  I giggled a bit and our good bye conversation was :
me:  thanks for coming to see me, drive safely
E: I will drive safely
me:  have alot of fun this week
E:  I will have a lot of fun this week
me: call me every five minutes
E: (laughed) I’ll call you every six minutes

Then I laughed and let go of the hug and said I love that you humor me and gave him another quick kiss and stared walking back up the drive way and he waited a moment then went to his car and we waved to eachother as he drove away.

I got ready for work and life just, went on.  It was nice being a girlfriend for a day.  I haven’t truly felt like a girlfriend in almost 3 years.  The few guys I’ve dated in the past few years I never really had that giddy butterfly silly feeling.  It was nice to have and I have to say with complete honesty.  I wasn’t terribly sad to see him go, I don’t really know him all THAT well I suppose and I’ve only ever seen him twice now.  But I was sad that THAT feeling of giddiness was not mine to keep.

And in closing I’d like to tell you all this. He’s in Vegas tonight, with another girl.  Someone he says is just a friend but – isn’t that what I am technically?  ha ha ha?

I knew he would be, I know he has some fans and followers I don’t know what he will or won’t do – and more importantly I don’t care.  I surprised myself when I didn’t feel jealous or hurt.  I just laughed said drive safely, fill up a tank of gas because there’s a stretch of land for 100+ miles with absolutely NOTHING and if you win money buy me something and mail it to me with a card that says “to my central coast girl, thanks for playing girlfriend for the day, with love – your player” he laughed then I sang “pros, I got pros in different area codes” and he laughed and said he’d call me later.  I remember saying something like don’t you visit another girl then call me, that’s HORRIBLE.  Rest assure ladies and gentleman he’s called me a few times today and no I didn’t answer.

I’ll talk to him again when he’s back in NY, it’s safer to do so.

ps.  Oddly enough the day he was here visiting Mr. Stevers aka Riley Jones phoned me (le sigh and shakes head)  God’s funny.

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