I need to figure out a way to record my voice (just speaking) onto my computer.  I have a microphone but I don’t know what software I need or whatever.  I need to beable to creat MP3’s of my talking. 

again – all help wanted

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  1. If you have a microphone, and a 1/8″ microphone input on your sound card, you can record you talking. It won’t sound good because you would be using your computers sound card, but it would work. You could download the free tool from to record. I could give you a quick demo any time.

  2. What version of windows do you have? XP should come with sound recorder, which is found in your Accessories > Entertainment. An easy way to access is to just type (or cut n paste) this into your browser: %SystemRoot%\System32\sndrec32.exe
    That will save in .wav format. You will need to convert to .mp3 after that.

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