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These are options for my new headshot.  Please vote.

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  1. My vote…
    2 or 5 — SUPer SEXy!!!! Depending on what you want to project…I think 2 is more of a swimsuit cover model sunshine-y smiley feeling, and 5 is more “come hither and see the mystery that is The Princess Aiyani” 🙂 LUH-VE them all at any rate!!!!!!!!

  2. 3 Gets my vote for most grabbing. The ones with the dark background allow your face to be more the focal point of the picture. The light background allows ones attention to be spread over more of the picture and therefore isn’t as grabbing.

  3. I’m looking at these this morning while I’m still in my jammies, and my housemate and I agree that #1, #2 and #6 all look the most like you. Of those three, I like #2 the best.
    But they’re all so pretty!

  4. DAY-UM!
    You look so awesome!!! My vote is for 2 or 5. I love the, as Loke said, come hither look. Very mysterioso. And your smile in 2 is infectious.

  5. I like 4 or 6. 6 because your hair’s dry – looks kinda odd wet and crunchy.

  6. They’re all beautiful–but I like number 2 best.

  7. I like 4 but I want a copy of the one of you in overalls on the railroad tracks for my room!

  8. I like 2 or 5- you are beautiful in all of them !!

  9. My Vote
    Of course they are all BEAUTIFUL!!! But if I am of any help, my top three ranked in my favorite would be:
    1) Pic 2
    2) Pic 4
    3) Pic 5
    But like I said you look so pretty in ALL of them 🙂
    Love, Serena

  10. My Vote 🙂
    # six and # two
    Good Luck choosing…I have ALWAYS hated making this decesion. LOL
    love, LM

  11. # 2 & 5 are awesome!!!!!!!!!

  12. Our votes
    Of course Uncle Ga-nen and I love them all. Because we love YOU! But for everyone to see, I like #2 and Glenn likes #1.
    Love and miss you. Barbs

  13. Which one
    Picture number 2. *{=)

  14. Numero 4
    I think 4 because you look very professional but at the same time it doesnt look fake. I could see this picture in a bill like if you were starring in a broadway musical or something. have you lost weight too? cause you look really good. not that you havent always looked good, but in these pics you look really beautiful. luv ya cuz ttyl ~Leah

  15. head shots of the most beautiful woman I know
    Nate and I vote for either #2 or #6. I like the teeth in the smile. I think #2 shows more of your sparkle. #6 is spectacularly gorgeous. Basically, you can’t go wrong, sweetie. I loved seeing you today.
    Love & pink kisses,

  16. the roomah says…
    but you know this because we sat here in this very “shoe room” on this very computer in which you posted this very vote and i gave you my voice overs of what you are ‘saying’ in all of them.

    • Re: the roomah says…
      and holy-lots-of-votes batman!
      i think more people voted in this election than the friggin’ presedential one!
      you know about popUUUUlar!

  17. Number 2. Definatly number 2. (One of these days I’ll get you your scarf….someday haha)

  18. My vote is #6
    I’m voting for #6 because I like the teeth-showing smile, and you just look so approachable in that one. Hair’s looking good, eyes shining, teeth showing, and you look friendly.
    That’s my two cents…. 🙂
    ~Bob F

  19. Headshots
    #2. Definitely.

  20. Love from Tara in Boston!
    I definitely think they are all fantastic, but I am partial to 2 or 4. Your face is so lit up in 4 compared to 3 and I just love your smile in 2. I really think you can’t go wrong with any of them! 🙂

  21. Votes are In
    Marcus and I both agree we like #1 the best, but 2 is a close second for me:)

  22. # 2.
    #2. 🙂 Darren.

  23. # 2
    Use Number 2 great smile… of course

  24. gots to say #6… but what a hard choice… damn, you gorgeous thing, you!

  25. love myfavoritesister
    i can’t believe how many people are voting. and reading everyone’s opinions is fun too. ok here it is from me. i like #1 for the dark background and head position. #2 for the natural smile & chizeled jaw line, i think you were just about to laugh in that one. #3 is good but not one of my top picks. i agree with cousin Leah on #4. and 5 & 6 are pretty but i’m just not feeling them for headshots. good luck on your decision.

  26. from lani
    i love number two yani…gorgeous.

  27. Hmm 1 or 4. 1 defiently has that sas look

  28. Headshot Vote

  29. Headshot poll
    You look brilliant in all of the photos but #1 is THE ONE that you should use!! Love ya, GraceK

  30. #2 and 3
    I vote for 2 and 3.. all are very beautiful though.. So i will vote for 1 – 6.. Thats my vote
    Big brother Cory!

  31. Soul Sistah!
    Definitely #2
    You are beautiful, my soul sistah!!!
    Miss ya, love ya.
    ~Ter Bear

  32. my pick
    Hi Sweetie! I think that since you have such a beautiful smile, you should use #2. We miss you at the house…Terry and Dad ;0)

  33. Head shot
    I vote for #6. Also, just read some of your journal entries. Love you, don’t love the swearing! the madre

  34. Changed my mind
    Okay, I changed to #2. Still don’t like the swearing though. 🙂

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